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Student Hardship Fund

Helping students in hard times

Our hardship fund is for students who, through no fault of their own, need financial help to complete their studies.

Eman Moustafa, PhD student in Macroeconomics (current student)

Eman Moustafa, PhD student in Macroeconomics (current student)

Eman Moustafa is a part-time distance learning PhD student in the field of Macroeconomics. With political and economic instability in Egypt in 2014, a sudden currency fluctuation threatened to halt Eman's ability to pay her fees. "I'm very grateful for the help alumni have provided to me via the Hardship Fund. It can be especially tough for students from developing countries. This funding has enabled me to continue when I would have otherwise abandoned my programme.

"My supervisors and the admin staff have all been really helpful. When I finish my PhD I plan to teach graduate students and to work for an international organisation that will help Egypt develop its economy."

Basu Paudyal, PhD in Bioscience (current student)

Basu Paudyal, PhD in Bioscience (current student)

Basu Paudyal is due to complete his PhD in Bioscience in 2017. Having also completed his MSc here at Kingston, he rates the University and the Faculty of Science, Engineering and Computing very highly.

"Kingston is a very modern university with the most up-to-date research facilities. My supervisors have been extremely helpful and encouraging, as well."

He was in the first year of his PhD programme when his parents lost their home in Kathmandu to the 2015 earthquake. It wasn't until he was able to return to Nepal later that year for a month that he learned the house had collapsed and they had lost all of their belongings. Basu, financed by his family's savings, was faced with the possibility that he might not continue his studies. "I'm very thankful to the alumni and supporters who have provided me with the opportunity to finish my PhD via the Student Hardship Fund. It's life-changing for students who find themselves in desperate situations like that."

Basu hopes to continue with post-doctoral research upon completion of his PhD, and in five years' time would like to have developed his diagnostic lab in Kathmandu into a research lab.

Saumen Datta, English Literature BA(Hons), 2010

Saumen Datta, English Literature BA(Hons), 2010

Saumen found himself facing hard times after the death of his father.

"It was a really difficult time of my life," Saumen said. "I was struggling financially and had to move house four times after my father passed away. It would have been so easy to just give up on university. However, with amazing support from the Student Hardship Fund, I managed to keep going and I am now pursuing my dream of becoming a teacher. I know that my father would have been overjoyed at me getting my degree."

We promise it won't be wasted

The hardship fund does not hand out money willy-nilly. We only help students who are in genuine – and blameless – financial difficulty.

So, if you think students like these deserve support and that their degrees are worth saving...

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