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What our students from Canada say

Elise Harris and friendName Elise Harris
Hometown: British Columbia, Canada
Course: Law LLB

Why did you choose to study in the UK?
"After completing my first undergraduate degree close to home, the opportunity to study abroad appealed to me for a number of reasons. I believe that gaining an English legal education will help both my personal and educational growth."

Why did you choose Kingston University?
"I first heard of Kingston University from a friend already enrolled in the LLB programme. She had completed two years at Kingston and encouraged me to research this well-respected School. Once I had looked into the possibilities of studying abroad, and at Kingston in particular, I was impressed with the surrounding area and the School's credentials."

How easy was it applying as an international student?
"As an international applicant, I was apprehensive of how my credentials from Canada would transfer. But the staff were very informative and helped to make applying manageable."

How did you find studying at Kingston?
"I especially enjoy the setting of Kingston University. With a free daily bus service, the town and other campuses are easily accessible. The halls of residences provide spacious accommodation and I frequently find myself making use of the 24-hour library. Complete with an in-house coffee shop, the library becomes a social centre for students. I also enjoyed attending a Thanksgiving dinner where good food, friendly people and other international students came together to share in the festivities."

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