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Transferring credits to Kingston from the USA

We will consider transfer students for advanced placement onto our degree programmes. However, the faculty teaching the course has the final decision on whether or not to accept your credits and we cannot guarantee that all credits earned will be applied to your Kingston degree.

We suggest looking at the specific classes Kingston University students complete in the first year of the subject area you want to study. If you have completed all of those classes (known as 'modules' in the UK), your chances are pretty good of being accepted onto Year 2. Remember that there are no general education requirements in the UK so these classes will not transfer. Only core subjects can be considered for transfer credit (view undergraduate and graduate programmes).

It is very difficult for students to transfer credits to Kingston School of Art due to the highly competitive nature of the programmes and the high quality of Kingston students' work. However, your portfolio should be strong if you have completed a year at university. It is the quality of your portfolio that will ultimately determine if you are accepted onto Year 1 or Year 2 of the degree.

Students in the UK apply online for undergraduate study through an agency called UCAS. When making your UCAS application, always select 'Year 2 entry' on the application form. This does not guarantee your admission to Year 2 – but it will notify the department that you have a transcript to review. Otherwise they think you have just completed high school.

Why transfer to Kingston?

  • You will be able to complete your degree more quickly – bachelors degrees are only three years in duration, and masters degrees one year.
  • We can give you financial advice. We participate in the US Federal Loan programme and can offer you advice about receiving your US student loans abroad. We also have a scholarship available to students from the USA.
  • You will have opportunities to work in London. Most students can work part time on or off campus while studying, and then work full time in the UK for up to two years after graduation.
  • We will offer you plenty of support. Over 100 American students join us each year to study undergraduate and graduate degrees. We welcome them with a great orientation programme and a social to meet each other. Our American students celebrate Thanksgiving on campus, publish newsletters twice a semester, and have a North American student society.

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