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Financial information for EU students

Tuition fees


The Government has confirmed that EU students applying for places at universities in England in the 2020/21 academic years will be eligible for student loans and grants throughout their degree programmes. The decision means they will be eligible for the same funding and support available to current EU students. These rights will continue for the full duration of their courses, even when the UK exits the European Union during that period.

Read about the undergraduate tuition fees.


Read about the postgraduate tuition fees.

Maintenance support

European nationals and their children, who satisfy certain residence criteria in the UK and Islands, may become eligible for higher education maintenance support if studying in England and Wales. 

You may be eligible for a student loan as well as tuition fee support if:

  • you are an EU national or the child of such a person; and
  • you have lived in the UK and Islands (apart from temporary absences) for the five years before the start of your course (ie since 1 September 2015 for a course starting in September 2020); or you (or your parent/s or partner) came to the UK to work and you/they will continue doing that work whilst you are studying.

Residence in the UK and Islands wholly or mainly for the purpose of receiving full-time education will no longer be excluded from this period and you will not need to be 'settled' in the UK within the meaning of the Immigration Act 1971.

Further information is available from GOV.UK.

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