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Frequently asked questions

When can apply for an international scholarship?

For September entry you can apply for an international scholarship from March of the same year.

You cannot apply until you have received a conditional or unconditional offer from Kingston University.

I have not yet applied to Kingston University. Can I still apply for a scholarship?

No, you cannot apply for an international scholarship until you hold an offer (conditional or unconditional) from Kingston University.

What should I write in my letter of support?

Your letter of support should explain to the Scholarships Committee why you should be considered for the scholarship you are applying for. In no more than 500 words you must demonstrate:

  • how you meet the criteria;
  • what you expect to gain from the opportunity;
  • how you intend to use your experience and knowledge in the future; and
  • what your long-term goals/plans are.

The Committee is particularly interested in how you envisage using the knowledge you gain from your course in the development of your country or region.

Who should write my reference letter?

A past tutor or employer should write your reference letter. It should address the following points:

  • relationship with the applicant;
  • why the applicant deserves a scholarship – including comments on their academic achievements and financial situation, if known by the referee; and
  • why they think the applicant will be an asset to the chosen course of study.

Where can I find my application number?

If you are applying for an undergraduate course, your application number is your UCAS reference number, which will be found on all UCAS correspondence.

If you are applying for a postgraduate course, your application number will be on your offer letter (KU ID number).

What happens after I have submitted my scholarship application?

You will receive a confirmation email upon completion of your online scholarship application form.

We will notify successful students by email and post by mid-July of each year for September entry.

Who makes the final decisions and how can I find out the result?

The Scholarships Committee makes the decisions on scholarship applications.

Once the decisions have been made, all applicants will receive an email informing them of the outcome.

Successful students will be notified by email and post by mid-July of each year for September entry.

Please note that the committee does not correspond with applicants either before or after the decision has been made. The decision of the committee is final.

What do I do if I'm awarded a scholarship?

If you are awarded a scholarship, we will initially inform you by email.

An official letter will follow, providing you with the full details of your award, including instructions on how to accept the offer.

You will need to formally accept the scholarship and its terms.

During and after your period of study we may ask you to participate in promotional activities for the University. This may include receptions and social events, testimonial or publicity articles or even assisting with activities in your home country.

What do I do if I decide to defer my admission or change my course after I have been awarded a scholarship?

The scholarship must be used for the academic course and year for which it is applied and awarded for. If you change your course or defer the year of entry, you will lose the award, which will then be transferred to somebody else.

Can I also apply for a loyalty bursary if I am awarded a scholarship?

Yes, you will still be eligible to apply for one of our loyalty bursaries. You will find all necessary information and the application form on My Kingston (the University's intranet) after enrolment.

Can I hold an international scholarship and a faculty scholarship?

No, you are only entitled to hold one scholarship each academic year. Therefore, if you have accepted a scholarship award from a particular department, you will be unable to receive another scholarship award from another department.

How is the international scholarship discounted from my fees?

If you are paying by instalments you will receive the £2,000 deduction on your last instalment. However, if you are paying your tuition full fees advance, you will receive the £2,000 deduction immediately and your tuition fee will be adjusted accordingly.

Where can I find out more?

For further information about the international scholarships or bursaries please contact:

  • International Scholarships Department
    International Office
    Kingston University London
    Yorkon Building
    Kingston Hill campus
    Kingston upon Thames
    KT2 7LB
    United Kingdom

    Tel: +44 (0)20 8417 3411

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