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Visa and immigration

Points Based System

The Points Based System (PBS) is the UK system for managing migration for non-European Economic Area (EEA) nationals wishing to enter the UK for the purpose of work or study.

Immigration – applying for entry clearance

Most international students (from non-European Economic Area countries) who wish to study in the UK for six months or more must get entry clearance with a Tier 4 (General) student visa before they travel.

Students with families

If you have any family or dependants who will come to the UK during your studies find out what restrictions apply and where to get more detailed information.

Biometric Residence Permit collection

Once you enter the UK on a visa there are important requirements that you need to take care of. These are: collection of your Biometric Residence Permit and, for a small percentage of international students, registering with the police.

Immigration health surcharge (IHS)

Applications for visas that are more than six months long now also include an Immigration health surcharge (IHS), entitling you to free health services from the National Health Service (NHS) while you're in the UK.

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