Virtual Open Day Programme: Wednesday 11 November 2020

  • Time: 1.45pm to 6pm.
  • Location: Online.

The registration for this Open Day is now closed. Our next Open Day is taking place on Saturday 10 April 2021, which will provide information for those looking to start university in September 2022.

If you apply to Kingston to start university in September 2021, you will be invited to attend our Applicant Experience Days taking place over February and March 2021.

If you are looking to apply to a course that sits under our Kingston School of Art, we have a Virtual Open Day taking place on Wednesday 2 December 2020.

Highlights of the Virtual Open Day

Chat to us!

Talk to staff and student ambassadors in real time during the Virtual Open day. You will find them in every subject booth of the event! Just click on the ‘talk to us' button in the top left of the screen in each subject booth and find the chat box to speak to us. We will be happy to answer any questions you have about your chosen course and Kingston University – you can chat to us at any time during the Virtual Open Day.

You can also speak to academics after each subject talk. Our specialist staff will be available to speak to, either using the provided text box or on audio / video, so please stay in the room after your talk has ended to ask the presenter any questions you have.

Attend subject talks!

Visit a subject talk for a whistle stop presentation of what your course has to offer! Talks last around 20 minutes and provide information valuable to your decision.

Schedule of talks and other events

The schedule is designed so you can attend talks and activities to help you make an informed choice about your course and subject area.

Welcome talk

The Open Day runs from 1.45pm to 6pm with the Welcome Talk starting at 1.50pm.

You can log into the platform from 1.45pm, to find the Welcome talk in the presentations area to watch the talk at the beginning of the day. Our speaker will then leave a final message for you at the end of the talk, so please wait until the speaker has signed off before moving onto your next talk.

All the talks will be available after their scheduled end time, so don't worry if you miss the talk at 1.50pm! You can catch them in the Presentations area in the on-demand section.


Subject talks (A-Z)

Subject talks are listed in alphabetical order below. The talks run on-demand in the Presentations area.

  • Accounting and Finance – 4:30pm (there is also an Introduction to the Business School live session at 2:15pm)
  • Aerospace and Aircraft Engineering – 4:30pm
  • Architecture – 4:30pm
  • Aviation Operations with Commercial Pilot Training – 5:15pm
  • Biochemistry – 3:30pm
  • Biological Sciences – 4:30pm
  • Biomedical Science – 2:30pm
  • Business Management – 3:30pm (there is also an Introduction to the Business School live session at 2:15pm)
  • Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Science – 4pm
  • Civil Engineering, Construction and Surveying – 2:30pm 
  • Computing & Cyber Security – 3:30pm
  • Creative and Cultural Industries (Art Direction; Design Marketing; Fashion Promotion & Communication; Curation, Exhibitions & Events) – 4:30pm
  • Creative Writing – 5pm
  • Creative Writing & Film Cultures – 4pm
  • Criminology – 2:30pm 
  • Dance – 5:15pm
  • Drama – 3pm
  • Economics – 3:30pm
  • Education: Early Years – 3:15pm 
  • Education: Physical Education, Sport and Activity – 5:15pm
  • Education: Special Educational Needs and Inclusive Practice – 4:15pm
  • English – 5:15pm
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation – 5:30pm (there is also an Introduction to the Business School live session at 2:15pm)
  • Environmental Science – 3:30pm
  • Fashion – 2:30pm
  • Filmmaking – 5pm
  • Fine Art – 4pm
  • Fine Art and Art History – 4:30pm
  • Forensic Science – 2:30pm 
  • Foundation Art, Design & Media Practice – 3:15pm
  • Geography – 2:30pm 
  • Graphic Design – 5pm
  • Historic Building Conservation – 3:30pm
  • Illustration Animation – 3pm
  • Interior Design – 2:30pm 
  • International Business – 4pm (there is also an Introduction to the Business School live session at 2:15pm)
  • Introduction to the Business School – 2:15pm
  • Journalism – 2:30pm
  • Law, International Law – 4:30pm
  • Marketing and Advertising – 3:30pm (there is also an Introduction to the Business School live session at 2:15pm)
  • Mathematics – 4:30pm
  • Mechanical Engineering – 2:30pm
  • Media and Communication – 4:30pm 
  • Midwifery – 2:30pm
  • Music – 5pm
  • Nursing: Adult, Child, Mental Health, Learning Disability and Nursing Associate – 3:45pm
  • Nutrition – 2:30pm
  • Panel Discussion with Lab assistants and students from Science, Engineering and Computing – 3.30pm
  • Pharmacology – 5pm
  • Pharmacy – 3pm
  • Photography – 3pm
  • Politics – 5pm 
  • Primary teaching – 2:30pm
  • Product and Furniture Design – 3:30pm
  • Psychology, Forensic Psychology – 4:15pm
  • Publishing with English – 3:30pm
  • Real Estate – 5pm (there is also an Introduction to the Business School live session at 2:15pm)
  • Social Work and Working with Children and Young People – 3:30pm
  • Sociology – 5:30pm
  • Sport and Exercise Sciences – 3:30pm

Student life

Find out more about studying at Kingston University.

The following talks will be available to watch in the Presentations (Auditorium) area:

  • Accommodation – 2:30pm
  • Meet the students' union – 2:45pm

Remember, you can also click on the 'ask a question' button in each area, to chat to specialist staff from these areas.

Student support

Find out about the range of support services available at Kingston University.

The following talks will be available to watch in the Presentations (Auditorium) area:

  • Applying through UCAS – 3:15pm
  • Careers and employability – 4pm
  • Disability and wellbeing – 3:30pm
  • International student talk – 3:45pm
  • Understanding student finance (for UK and EU students only) – 3pm

Remember, you can also click on the 'ask a question' button in each area, to chat to specialist staff from these areas.

Planning your day

There is plenty for you to see at our virtual undergraduate Open Day. On this page, you will find information to help you plan your day.

We estimate you'll need around two hours to explore everything. In preparation for the day, you will need to:

  • Set up your profile
  • Explore the schedule to see if your course of interest is hosting a discussion session during the event and plan your day around this.
  • Note down the Q&As you wish to take part in and consider the questions you might like to ask staff and students

We look forward to welcoming you to Kingston University's virtual Open Day!

Setting up your virtual Open Day profile

We recommend that before the virtual Open Day, you first set up a profile on our system.

This only takes a few minutes, here's how you can do it:

  1. Go to our event log-in page 
  2. Enter the email address you registered to attend the event
  3. Click on the 'forgotten/not received your password?' link to reset your password
  4. Once you've reset your password, log into the system
  5. You will be prompted to update your profile (which staff and other attendees can see) – make it as much fun as you like!
  6. Save your profile and you're good to go!

Finding your way around the virtual Open Day

The virtual Open Day has separate areas with specific information in each. When you have logged in, use the blue buttons on the Open Day screen to access the areas you would like to visit.

To help you find your way around, take a look at the information below before you arrive.


Click on the presentations button to enter the Auditorium – here you'll find:

Welcome to Kingston University talk

The talk begins at 2pm. Our speaker will join live after the talk – you can wait in the Auditorium to hear from them.

The Welcome Talk will be available on-demand in the Presentations area after the scheduled end time.

Subject talks

Make sure you watch a subject talk! It is probably the most important thing to do during the virtual Open Day. The talk will go into detail about your course, the staff and the facilities at Kingston University and a member of the team will be available straight after the talk to answer your questions, either via text or on video.

If you miss the scheduled talk, you will also be able to speak to academics in the subject booths found under the subject areas button. Just find your subject of interest and click on the 'ask a question' button on the top right of the pop up. This will take you to the chat room, where you can ask any questions you like!

You can access these subject talks in the presentations area. Please view the schedule of talks and other events section to find out when these talks are taking place. They will then be available, on-demand, in the presentations area for the rest of the day.

Panel sessions

We are running various panel sessions and workshops throughout the day that will expand on what you have watched in the subject presentation videos. You will be able to ask academics any questions on what you have read or watched across the Virtual Open Day. You will hear about why you should study at Kingston from those who will teach you at the University.

You can access these sessions in the presentations area. Please view the schedule of talks and other events section to find out when these sessions are taking place. 

Other talks

Other talks, available to watch on-demand in the Presentations area, include:

  • Applying through UCAS
  • Careers and employability
  • Disability and wellbeing
  • International student talk
  • Meet the student union
  • Understanding student finance

You can find out more about these talks in the sections below.

Question and answer sessions

We are running a number of Q&A sessions for different subject areas. Although you will have the opportunity to speak with the presenters of each talk when the presentation has ended, you can also find specialist staff in the following areas throughout the day.

Subject areas

Enter the subject areas to view everything you need to know about studying your course of interest at Kingston University.

In each subject booth, you can click on the 'ask a question' button to speak directly to staff and academics. You'll be able to get answers to all the questions you have about your preferred subject.

Student life

The student life area is all about studying at Kingston. There will be live chat areas, information to download, videos to watch and various other content.

Information will be available on:


Here you can find your home away from home! Check out our halls of residence through videos that show you all the different rooms and locations. You'll be able to find out about the varied options available to you, speak to the accommodation team and ask about all the halls options on campus.

There is also an Accommodation talk available to watch on demand in the presentations area and under the webcast icon in the Accommodation booth.

Discover Kingston

Watch a lightning tour of Kingston made by one of our students, Alberto. Hear from friendly student ambassadors who can tell you all about the town, its nightlife, markets, restaurants, shopping and more.

Union of Kingston Students

Meet the student union team and find out everything you could ever want to know about the many sports clubs and societies you'll be able to join as a member of the Union of Kingston Students. Chat and network with other students and find out their plans for Freshers and more.

There is also a Meet the Student Union talk available to watch on demand in the presentations area and under the webcast icon in the Union of Kingston Students Booth.

Student support – before you begin your studies


Our Home, EU and International admissions team members will be here to provide you with advice and guidance on all things admissions-related at Kingston University. Find out about the decision-making process and speak to staff about entry criteria, interviews, portfolios and the whole application process. You can request to chat with expert staff on a one-to-one basis.

There is also a talk on Applying through UCAS which is available to watch on demand in the presentations area and under the webcast icon in the Admissions booth.

Student support – during your time at Kingston

Student finance

Here you will find a very useful presentation on finance and funding for undergraduate students. You can find information and speak to staff about finance-related matters, student loan applications and how the whole system works. The team are available throughout the day to explain the financial support available.

There is also an Understanding Student Finance (for UK and EU students only) talk available to watch on demand in the presentations area and under the webcast icon in the Student Finance booth.

Please note: the information available relates to Home and EU students only. For informational on international student fees and funding, please visit the International booth.


Discover more about joining Kingston University as an international student. The team will talk you through the process in a presentation that includes details on how to apply, international qualifications, entry requirements, or any other general questions you might have as an international student. You can speak to staff, ask any questions you like and watch videos from other international students on what it's like to study at Kingston.

Our Networking Lounge will be open after the event until 6pm, so you can continue to chat with our friendly student ambassadors and staff, if you can't join us until later.

There is also an International Students talk available to watch on demand in the presentations area and under the webcast icon in the International booth.

Opportunities for students

We are committed to providing you with a wide range of opportunities to make the most of your university experience. Our friendly teams are here for you from the moment you arrive. They provide expert advice and guidance, ensuring you have what you need to succeed and are well looked after while you're here with us. Teams in this area include:

Find out more details about opportunities for Kingston University students.

Student support

The health and wellbeing of all our students is paramount, especially now. We want you to feel supported whilst at university, so our friendly and helpful advice team are on-hand to answer questions, either in a group chat or on a one-to-one basis. Our specialist teams can answer questions on:

  • Disability and mental health (a really important feature of our support services)
  • Faith and spirituality
  • Money advice
  • Sports and active lifestyles

There is also a Disability and Wellbeing talk available to watch on demand in the presentations area and under the webcast icon in the Student Support booth.

Student support – graduation and beyond

Careers and employability

Our Careers and Employability team can help you find work – whether gaining experience whilst you study, trying volunteering opportunities or finding work after you graduate. The team works with a wide variety of employers and has many links with industry. You will be able to ask the team anything you like about employment opportunities before, during and after your time at Kingston. You can also find out about work opportunities as a student representative at Kingston through our Student Ambassador scheme.

There is also a Careers and Employability talk available to watch on demand in the presentations area and under the webcast icon in the Careers and Employability booth.

There is a panel session on Careers at Kingston. Come and meet representative from Kingston that can talk about work experience opportunities during your time at Kingston. Staff from our careers team can answer questions on how we support you as graduates. Alumni from Kingston University will speak about their time at Kingston and how it helped them in their careers.

Resource Centre

Visit the Resource Centre. Here you'll be able to view the Kingston University prospectus, read a guide to writing your personal statement and get other useful downloadable leaflets and information on studying at Kingston University.

Networking Lounge

Pop in to our Networking Lounge at any time during the day to speak to our friendly student ambassadors, our alumni and the Union of Kingston Students, with any questions you have on studying at Kingston University.

You can also meet up with other attendees, and possible future classmates, to discuss anything you've seen during the event.

Add your schedule to My Agenda (clock icon)

You can create your own personal schedule for the Open Day. Just click on the clock icon in the top right-hand corner of the virtual Open Day screen and add the events you are interested in to 'My Agenda'.

You can jump straight to an event by clicking on the event name listed on the Agenda. This can save you time when going from area to area.

Update your profile in Settings (cog icon)

You will have a personal profile for the virtual Open Day. We strongly recommend that you update your profile before you start the Open Day – you can make your profile as much fun as you like!

To access your profile, click on the cog icon in the top right-hand corner of the Open Day screen and select 'Your profile' from the menu.

You can also access chats and messages via your profile.

Help desk

Lost? Don't know where to go next? Need some advice about where to find a particular subject presentation?

Please come to our help desk – we are here to help.

Create your own event bag

There are loads of useful resources – such as course leaflets and info on finance and funding – in the documents section of each booth you enter. You'll be able to save them all in your personal event bag.

Once you've collected the resources you need, you can access your event bag from your profile section and download all your saved documents.

Building your event bag

  • You'll find a documents section in each booth – click on the documents icon to find your downloadable resources
  • If you'd like to save a document to your event bag click on the star icon to add it
  • Continue to visit other booths and add the all documents you want to keep

Accessing your event bag

  • You can access your event bag by clicking the cog icon in the top right corner and selecting your profile
  • Once on your profile click edit profile
  • You'll see your event bag link in the menu – click on it to access all your saved documents
  • Now you can view the documents or download them to read at your own convenience

Any questions?

Please email if you have any queries about the virtual Open Day and we'll be happy to help.