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Welcome to Kingston University

Dear parents and guardians,

Coming to university represents a significant stage in the life of every student. It provides a gateway to a number of opportunities: to acquire knowledge, gain new skills, improve employment prospects and, of course, to make new friends – some of whom may remain for life.

The first few weeks can be a bewildering time for our new students as they encounter a completely new environment. This is why all our staff, both academic and professional, are preparing themselves to welcome our new intake, "cushion their fall", and do all we can to make the transition into University life as informative and enjoyable as possible.

Every student will be allocated a personal tutor whom they will see regularly throughout the year. In addition, our student support services are here to help with any of the extra-curricular questions or problems that they may have.

The key to a fruitful and enjoyable time as a student is for your son or daughter to engage as much as possible with not only the academic life of the community but also socially, with the many clubs and societies that the University and our Students' Union have to offer. Everything we do is aimed towards supporting our students and encouraging that engagement.

If you thought your role was over – think again! You will continue to play a vital supporting role during their time at Kingston. You can visit our student services pages for further information as to what we do, and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

I sincerely hope that your son or daughter thoroughly enjoys their time at Kingston University and would wish them, and you, all the very best over the next few years.

Clarissa Wilks
Pro Vice-Chancellor

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