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Publishing MA: After you graduate

What our graduates say

Once you graduate from Kingston, you'll be part of a professional community of publishers, who keep in touch by meeting in person, or through our active social networks.

Scroll down to see what some of our graduates have gone on to do and how studying at Kingston helped them kick-start their professional careers. You can also find out more about where our other graduates are working.

Frankie Jones

Frankie Jones holding a company award received for "patience and knowledge" while dealing with City & Guilds' content management system.

Name: Frankie Jones
Current Job: Editorial assistant – City & Guilds Publishing, London
Course: Publishing MA

"I recommend the Kingston Publishing MA because it offers a friendly and inspiring atmosphere with opportunities for further study and real work experience."

What does being an editorial assistant involve?

I have to be aware of each and every project and be ready to answer questions and help out at many points throughout the publishing process. It takes a lot of organisation and concentration!

What's the best thing about your job?

Being exposed to real world experience and exciting personal development opportunities.

Why did you choose the Kingston Publishing MA?

I wanted to continue studying so I chose to further my study with something that would ultimately help me get started on my career. I chose Kingston because the location was good and I managed to secure a scholarship. On top of this the course content looked interesting, with good links to the industry.

What was the most important thing you gained from the Kingston Publishing MA?

I found the experience of working as co-project manager on the student writing anthology Ripple invaluable as I was able to put all my newfound knowledge into practice. I learnt a lot from my successes, and my mistakes!

How did the Kingston Publishing MA prepare you for the world of work?

Practically I wouldn't have been able to get my job without the MA due to the large number of applicants for low-level publishing positions. Taking a career-focused MA gave me the opportunity to make the transition from academia into the world of work almost seamlessly.


Nyamto Jailem Wangsha

Name: Nyamto Jailem (Angelina) Wangsha
Current Job: Marketing assistant for Pickering & Chatto Publishers, London
Course: Publishing MA

What did you value the most from your time studying at Kingston?

The hands-on practical training I received as part of the course, teamed with advice from the professors/lecturers who were very helpful and approachable.

How did living in London, our capital city, contribute to your student experience?

London gave me the opportunity to experience a potpourri of different cultures which broadened my outlook. It also made me aware of the various opportunities that could help me embark on my career.

How did studying in London differ from studying in India?

Here, emphasis was given more on coursework than exams which was not the case in India. The coursework also encouraged independent and critical thinking. It helped me think beyond what was written in the textbooks that were prescribed.

How did your course at Kingston prepare you for your future career?

Our course leader and the professors emphasized on practical training and made sure we had the right skills to be a part of the publishing industry. This was met through internships at publishing companies, workshops with publishing professionals, coursework that included creating business plans etc. It was challenging at times but I thoroughly enjoyed my course. It also boosted my confidence and helped me eventually land a job in a reputable publishing company.

Tell us about what you are doing now? How did your time at Kingston help you to get here?

I am the marketing assistant at an academic publishing company, specialising in monographs, critical and thematic source collections. In my current role, I look after the e-marketing side of things such as updating the social media platforms, creating e-bulletins etc. I also research and coordinate conferences and look after other promotional activities. The practical training I received as part of the course and the network of connections I made during that time helped me a great deal in finding the right avenues and in securing a role I was interested in.

What are your plans for the future?

With publishing being a continuously changing industry, there are always new skills required. Thus, I would like to keep on training and enhancing my skills and eventually focus on discovering and promoting translated works.

How have you developed as a person since studying in London?

Studying abroad and living in a city like London has helped me grow into and independent and confident individual. It has exposed me to a variety of different cultures, educating me and helping me see the bigger picture. It has been a truly invaluable experience.

Would you recommend studying at Kingston and why?

Yes, definitely. Apart from the expertise and academic excellence, Kingston has a very supportive international community.

What advice would you give to other students thinking of studying at Kingston?

Work hard and make the best use of resources available. If you are confused or unsure about something, don't be afraid to ask questions. The course you choose can be as useful as you want it to be.


Renata Kasprzak

Renata Kasprzak surrounded by Zed Books publications in their offices

Name: Renata Kasprzak
Current job: Foreign rights and marketing executive – Zed Books, London
Course: Publishing MA

"I recommend the Kingston Publishing MA because it gives you a ticket to the publishing industry."

What does being a foreign rights and marketing executive involve?

I have a dual role at Zed Books. In the rights department I deal with foreign publishers and promote Zed titles worldwide; I am responsible for selling foreign language rights and serial rights. In the marketing department, I manage a number of social media platforms and promote Zed's books and authors online.

What's the best thing about your job?

Selling foreign rights! Dealing with foreign publishers and learning their business culture is very interesting. 

Why did you choose the Kingston Publishing MA?

I am originally from Poland and, as a foreigner, I wasn't confident enough to start seeking a job in publishing. I thought a masters would give me the confidence and the knowledge of the industry. 

I heard that Kingston had the best Publishing MA course in London, which is all true!

What was the most important thing you gained from the Kingston Publishing MA?

Definitely contacts I made during my internship – after all, I got a job at the end of it! Apart from that, I gained good presentation skills, an ability to calculate foreign rights fees and knowledge of relevant publishing jargon. 

How did the Kingston Publishing MA prepare you for the world of work?

When I started the course I already knew my goal – which was a role in a rights department. The MA course gave me a good understanding how the rights selling process works. The knowledge gained from learning about practical publishing tasks is extremely useful in my current role. 


George Maudsley

George Maudsley at his desk in the Michael O'Mara Books offices

Name: George Maudsley
Current job: Editorial assistant – Michael O'Mara Books, London
Course: Publishing MA

"I recommend the Kingston Publishing MA because it gives you an invaluable understanding of the general mechanics of the publishing industry, and allows you to test and implement theoretical skills in the practical environment of work experience – something vital for getting into the industry." 

What does being an editorial assistant involve?

I act as a link between the various departments, providing up-to-date title material and updating the status of particular titles. I proofread, maintain the online title management system, launch titles and deal with submissions. I also handle ebook production for our adult titles.   

What's the best thing about your job?

Feeling and seeing your influence on the eventual publication of a title, and knowing your work was essential in getting a title to publication. The social side is also pretty enjoyable…

Why did you choose the Kingston Publishing MA?

Because the course included a compulsory practical element. Placements, and certainly entry-level jobs in publishing, were not easy to get, and the contacts the course tutors had were very useful in enabling students to get valuable publishing experience. It also has a reputation as one of the best Publishing MAs and a good location close to the heart of British publishing in London. 

What was the most important thing you gained from the Kingston Publishing MA?

I use what I learned on the course in my work every day. The practical knowledge I gained from the editorial production module was invaluable for my job – I still occasionally refer to the proof correction symbols provided in class!

More vitally, the contact Kingston provided me with to gain a work experience placement is now my direct boss at Michael O'Mara.

How did the Kingston Publishing MA prepare you for the world of work?

Without the general grounding in how publishing operates and how the various departments operate and liaise with each other, I'd have been at a loss as to what was going on while on work experience and when starting my job. It allowed me to go into a publishing house already understanding, at least to a certain extent, what was going on and what the objectives of different departments were.


Amy Cartwright

Amy Cartwright at the Charity Retail Association offices

Name: Amy Cartwright
Current job: Business development executive – Charity Retail Association, London 
Course: Publishing MA

"I recommend the Kingston Publishing MA because of its practical approach to understanding a fast-changing industry, the enlightening Masterclasses with speakers from all different areas of publishing, and the numerous contacts it will introduce you to."

What does being a business development executive involve?

I look after the print production, editing and proofreading of marketing material, specifically for events, and assist the business development and marketing manager in researching new income streams and looking after the Association's corporate membership. It's not technically a publishing job, though I use my publishing skills.

What's the best thing about your job?

The constant variation of my work and the amount of experience I have gained in only six months. 

Why did you choose the Kingston Publishing MA?

The emphasis Kingston has on teaching practical skills to prepare students for the job market really attracted me. As a cultural criticism undergraduate I had spent three years discussing the meanings behind paintings, music and literature, so I wanted to just get on and learn something useful. I have always enjoyed reading, writing and coming up with new ideas, and I thought a degree in publishing would help turn those things into a job. The part-time option was ideal because it meant I could work while studying.

What was the most important thing you gained from the Kingston Publishing MA?

Being able to channel my skills into one subject area and then transfer them across industries. It sounds like a contradiction but studying a specific subject opened up a lot of different avenues for me. I completed my MA feeling confident I could apply for a number of jobs in different fields, despite the emphasis of the course being on books. For example, looking at publishing as a business model helped me enormously when applying for my current job.

It allowed me a couple of extra years to really think about my career, what it is I am interested in and the direction I want to go in. I really needed that time. It also gave me great contacts and ideas.


Where this course will take you

Our graduates have gone on to work in a range of roles in publishing and other industries. Here are just some examples:

  • Anova Books (sales and marketing)
  • Aurum Press (publicity and marketing)
  • Black Dog Publishing (sales, marketing and publicity) 
  • Blake Friedmann Literary, TV and Film Agency 
  • BMJ Publishing Group (journals) 
  • Booktrust 
  • BPP Learning (marketing and publicity) 
  • Brandwidth (digital production)
  • Bright Agency 
  • Charity Retail Association (business development) 
  • City & Guilds Publishing (editorial) 
  • Crayonworks (market intelligence) 
  • Duncan Baird (production)
  • Duncan Petersen Publishing (editorial) 
  • Encyclopaedia Britannica (marketing) 
  • Freelance businesses (editorial, marketing, writing) 
  • General Pharmaceutical Council (communications) 
  • Greene & Heaton (literary and media agency) 
  • Hachette Children's Books (digital rights) 
  • Headline Publishing (sales)
  • Hodder Education (marketing) Hodder Headline (editorial) 
  • IHS (marketing) 
  • Inkwell Management (PR and social media) 
  • Inspired Selection (publishing recruitment)
  • Kingston University (communications) 
  • Little Tiger Press (editorial and marketing)
  • Manx Radio 
  • Michael O'Mara Books (editorial) 
  • Montash Associates (recruitment) 
  • Nature Publishing group (editorial) 
  • Nelson Croom (marketing) 
  • Nielsen BookScan
  • Nosy Crow (sales, production and marketing) 
  • Octopus Publishing (digital production)
  • Pearson (sales) 
  • Penguin (production, art department, marketing) 
  • Peters Fraser & Dunlop (publicity) 
  • Phaidon Press (rights) 
  • Prestel Publishing (marketing)
  • Quercus Books (editorial and publicity) 
  • Random House (marketing, production, digital publishing)
  • Robert Hale Publishers (sales and publicity) 
  • Sheil Land Associates (film and TV rights)
  • Simon & Schuster (editorial) 
  • Social Media Team (account management)
  • Society of Authors 
  • Taylor & Francis Group (editorial)
  • Turnaround Publisher Services (publicity and promotions) 
  • Usborne Publishing (publicity) 
  • Walker Books (rights) 
  • Waterstones (bookselling) 
  • Wiley (production)
  • Zed Books (rights and marketing)

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This course is taught at Penrhyn Road

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*5p per minute from a BT landline. Call charges from other providers may vary.


This course is taught at Penrhyn Road

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