Study environmental management

Our environmental management courses are accredited by the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA), a worldwide alliance of environment and sustainability professionals. Kingston maintains active industry links with many European and American universities, ensuring our course offers students a global perspective.

You will have the opportunity to gain practical fieldwork experience using research methods and techniques, including sampling schemes, measurements, quality control issues and data collection, manipulation and analysis. Through an individual project, you will be able to extend your knowledge in a field of your choice, establishing yourself as a specialist.

Upon graduation you will qualify for GradIEMA professional status or may choose to fast track to PIEMA (practitioner status) after completing a work-based competence assessment. This can help take your career to the next level and position you in good standing for leadership roles.

Our renewable energy engineering course will meet, in part, the exemplifying academic benchmark requirements for registration as a Chartered Engineer. Accredited MSc graduates who also have a BEng (Hons) accredited for CEng, will be able to show that they have satisfied the educational base for CEng registration. This programme is designed to enable students to achieve a career in senior technical and management positions in energy engineering and management across a wide range of industries, including: automotive; aerospace; construction; petroleum; power; and manufacturing.

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