Miss Alesia Asipovich

Research project: Examining the enabling and constraining influences of visa regulations on immigrant entrepreneurship.


The study examines the ways in which visa regulations impact on entrepreneurial activity undertaken by immigrants. Its focus is limited to entrepreneurs who have been granted a Tier-1 visa and started a business after the introduction of a new visa structure in 2008. This is the first time that an academic study has concentrated on the impact of visas on entrepreneurship. The research seeks to provide evidence relating to the effectiveness of the UK government stated aims of attracting ‘the brightest and best' from around the world to contribute to the country's success. Additionally, ways in which individual entrepreneurs utilise the advantages or overcome the difficulties resulting from the visa regulations will be considered.

The sample is restricted to individuals granted a Tier-1 Graduate Entrepreneur's visa and the General Entrepreneur's visa, and will be diverse in terms of age, business type, nationality, gender and duration of the visa.

  • Research degree: PhD
  • Title of project: Examining the enabling and constraining influences of visa regulations on immigrant entrepreneurship.
  • Research supervisor: Professor John Kitching


I am a doctoral student in the Small Business Research Centre of the Business School at Kingston University. My research interests are in the interaction of immigration control and immigrant entrepreneurship. In particular, I want to examine the way in which UK visa rules influence entrepreneurs either positively or negatively; and to understand how individuals utilise or overcome these effects. 

I hold a BSc in business studies and MRes. Both degrees from the University of Liverpool.

Areas of research interest

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Immigration
  • Small business
  • Mixed embeddedness
  • Regulations and entrepreneurship
  • Immigration control
  • Ethnic business
  • Entrepreneurial capital


  • Master's Degree in Research, University of Liverpool
  • Bachelor's Degree in Business Studies with Year in Industry, University of Liverpool
  • Foundation Course in Business and Management, Bournemouth Business School International

Funding or awards received

  • Full Studentship Award for PhD, Kingston University (2016-2019)