Amy Montague

Research project: An Investigation into Sexual Minority Substance use


The overall aim of my research project is to investigate substance use within the LGB community. I began my PhD by looking at substance use and associated behaviours within different sexuality groups. Commonly, sexual minorities are identified as an 'at-risk' group for substance misuse, and negative outcomes related to substance use more generally. Much research attributes these findings to the influence of sexuality-related stressors (e.g. discrimination and other negative sexuality-related experiences/factors). My first study which was a large sample survey, supported the wider research area -indicating that for both male and female sexual minorities frequency of substances consumed, negative behaviours related to use, and motivations for use, were different to that of heterosexuals. Also in this study, commonly, many outcomes for bisexuals were standalone - prompting further focus on this target group. Therefore, I am now researching bisexual identity and specific substance use behaviours using an EMA longitudinal design. 


I completed my BSc at St Mary's University in Twickenham, and then my MSc here at Kingston University. My interests, academic background, and experience are focused on the health and clinical psychology domains. Since beginning my PhD the focal point of my work has been health psychology, specifically health-risk behaviours (alcohol, drugs, smoking).

Areas of research interest

  • Health-Risk Behaviours
  • LGBT Health
  • Health Psychology
  • Clinical Psychology


  • BSc in Psychology
  • MSc in Clinical Applications of Psychology