Mr Christopher Rinthalukay

Research project: A Farewell to History: The Face of Japanese Nationalism, From Internet Warrior to Protest Singer


Social media has normalised nationalism to the point where it is ubiquitous and banal. Arguably, nationalist sentiment can be easy to dismiss as the rantings of far-fringe fanatics, but the fact that their very vocal minority ushered a litany of terms such as Fake News, Proud Boys, and MAGA, draws our attention to how social media has become a space where political discourse should be taken seriously. 

This research seeks to identify the 'who' in Japanese nationalism. Rather than focusing on the extremes of nationalists fervour, I aim to show how nationalism can be found in everyday situations and how our lives have become irreversibly intertwined with being online.

  • Research degree: PhD
  • Title of project: A Farewell to History: The Face of Japanese Nationalism, From Internet Warrior to Protest Singer
  • Research supervisor: Dr Atsuko Ichijo
  • Other research supervisor: Professor Ilaria Favretto


I attended Temple University Japan under the guidance of my mentor Dr Jeff Kingston, completed a capstone and independent research project on Japan's Occupation in Southeast Asia and Nuclear Testing-- obtaining my BA in East Asian Studies, 2016.

During my Masters at University of Sheffield UK, 2017, I worked with Dr Kate Taylor-Jones, Dr Hugo Dobson, and Dr Katherine Morton to finish my thesis on data mining and social media's impact on international relations.

Currently, Kingston University, London working with Dr Atsuko Ichijo and Dr Ilaria Fevretto to look deeper into social media's role in expanding nationalist sentiment in Japan. Using data science and qualitative analysis to find out the who, what, and where within nationalist discourse. I am beyond excited and immensely humbled by KU's support.

Lastly, I was a classically trained in French cooking and worked in the industry for 7 years. 

Areas of research interest

  • Nationalism
  • Asian Studies
  • International Relations
  • Social Media
  • Data Mining
  • Politics
  • Punk Studies


  • BA East Asian Studies, Temple University Japan
  • MA Politics and Media in East Asia, University of Sheffield

Funding or awards received

  • Freeman Scholarship, 2016
  • TUJ Dean's List, 2016
  • Kingston University PG Studentship 2020