Mr Dan Worboys

Research project: Compensatory Gait Patterns in Runners


The purpose of this research is to investigate the effect of fatiguing the plantar flexors and, separately, the dorsiflexors of the ankle joint on mechanics of running in experienced recreational runners. The effect of localised fatigue will be evaluated in both flat and incline running. Three dimensional motion capture of body segments and electromyographic readings of muscle activity will be obtained to determine whether localised fatigue causes any alterations to kinematics or muscle function. Recent research by Bramah et al. (2018) demonstrated that there is a clear difference in running gait between injured and non-injured athletes. However, the basis of such differences remains unclear. Changes to muscle function as a result of either fatigue, insufficient muscle strength or injury could represent possible causes. The aim of this study is therefore to induce reduction in force generating capacity of key muscle groups in order to evaluate such effects.


After studying Sports & Exercise Science at undergraduate level, I went on to narrow my focus by studying Health & Rehabilitation Studies at postgraduate level at the University of Essex. This lead me to specialise in soft tissue injuries and rehabilitation. I have extensive experience working at the highest level of Football, working within the talent identification, performance optimisation, Strength & Conditioning, specific injury rehabilitation, running gait analysis and tactical analytical departments at teams including Galatasaray, S.C. Braga, S.S. Monopoly 1966 & Ipswich Town FC. I also work with Concord University in West Virginia with their mens soccer programme, starting in 2018, working with the team on video analysis, tactical advancement and performance optimisation. During this time I have also worked within the rehabilitation department at Essex County Cricket Club and with London Broncos Rugby League.

Areas of research interest

  • Running Gait
  • Sports Injury
  • Compensatory Running Patterns
  • Biomechanics


  • Sports & Exercise Science BSc (Hons), University of Essex
  • Health & Rehabilitation Studies PGDip, University of Essex
  • Clinical Soft Tissue Therapy, LSSM
  • Sports Medicine Diploma in Dry Needling