Mr Francesco Di Maddaloni

Research project: Local community stakeholders in megaprojects: rethinking their inclusiveness to improve project performance


The thesis identifies connections and major assumptions on the influence of stakeholders in major Public Infrastructure and Construction projects (PIC), at the local community level. Findings suggest that research on stakeholder management has focused strongly on those stakeholders able to control project resources, whilst the effect on the legitimate ‘secondary stakeholders', such as the local community, remains widely unexplored. Due to the unavoidable impact of major PIC on both people and places, it is suggested that seeking local community opinions in the initiation phase of the project and monitoring the megaproject impact at the local level can help to improve project performance. The output provides scholars and practitioners with future research directions and practical implications for an inclusive stakeholder management approach in construction megaprojects.


My academic career started with a diploma in economics which allowed me to acquire technical skills of dealing with economic matters and trade. In 2006, I then pursued an interest on business communication and I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Management and Strategic Communication at the University of Teramo (Italy).

After years working in the industry, I became aware of my passion for researching new perspectives on project management, an area of enormous complexity. By combining practical and theoretical experience through different projects, I have understood how technical skills are not enough to succeed in project management if the political and social aspects of the project are not correctly managed. From here, the decision to carry on with my studies by pursuing first an MBA with specialisation in Project Management and, currently, a PhD in stakeholder management of large construction projects.

Areas of research interest

  • Project management
  • Stakeholder management
  • Strategic planning
  • Megaprojects management
  • Risk management
  • Qualitative method
  • Mixed method


  • Master In Business Administration
  • Master in Research Methods

Funding or awards received

  • Graduate Teaching Assistant


·         Di Maddaloni, F., Davis, K. 2017. The influence of local community stakeholders in megaprojects: rethinking their inclusiveness to improve project performance. International Journal of Project Management 35 (8), 1537-1556.

·         Di Maddaloni, F., Davis, K. 2017.  Project Manager's perception of the local communities' stakeholder in megaprojects. An empirical investigation in the UK. International Journal of Project Management (In Press).

Conference papers

Di Maddaloni, F. (2015) Stakeholder Management: Rethinking the Role of Local Communities in Megaprojects. A Review and Synthesis of the Literature, Conference Proceedings of Future of Places Conference, Stockholm, 29 June 2015.