Mr Jongseok (Jason) Rim

Research project: The Risk Management for Real Estate Finance


The planned PhD project aims to investigate risk management for real estate finance. The main questions for the project are:

  • What are the key aspects of risk from the perspective of borrowers/lenders in real estate finance?
  • How would borrowers be able to mitigate risk effectively in the real estate finance market?
  • What is the most appropriate method for banks to measure/assess risks for real estate loan portfolios and why?
  • Does the size of banks' real estate loan affect the procyclicality of banks? If so, what is the implication on the risk management of banks?

The PhD project comprises three parts of research. 

  • Part 1: Borrowers' risk mitigation in the housing finance market
  • Part 2: The effect of real estate loan portfolio on banks' risk parameters
  • Part 3: The implication of the procyclicality of bank on the risk management of real estate loan portfolio
  • Research degree: PhD
  • Title of project: The Risk Management for Real Estate Finance
  • Research supervisor: Dr Mohamed Nurullah
  • Other research supervisor: Dr Jinsha Zhao


I have gained experience in corporate banking, profit management, industry analysis, risk management, business planning and strategising while working for 20 years in the banking industry. Having returned to academia, I completed an MSc in Real Estate with Distinction in 2019.  Additionally,  I hold a MRes (Distinction), a MBA (a collaborated programme with MIT Sloan, USA) and a MA in International Economics. I am also a CFA charterholder (who successfully completes the programme and meets other professional requirements) and a member of the CFA Society United Kingdom. 

With extensive experience in financial markets and industry analysis, I seek to develop a career which combines teaching, research and professional activity in the real estate area. I believe that the practical knowledge and professional disciplines that have been achieved in the financial industry are crucial to fill the gap between theoretical principles and empirical implication in academia. 

Areas of research interest

  • Real Estate Finance
  • Risk Management
  • Banking Industry
  • Asset Management


  • MRes in Business and Management, Kingston University
  • MSc in Real Estate, Kingston University
  • MBA (A collaborated programme with MIT Sloan, USA), Sungkyunkwan University Graduate School of Business (SKK GSB), South Korea
  • MA in International Economics, Sogang University, South Korea
  • BA in Business Administration, Korea University, South Korea

Funding or awards received

  • The Course Director's Prize for the MSc Real Estate Programme 2018/2019
  • The Korean Government Certificate of Commendation 2016
  • SKK GSB Academic Excellence Award 2009