Ms Julie Hendry

Research project: ‘Caring in therapeutic radiography – an exploration of academic educator perceptions and experiences'


Caring is a value that is part of the NHS Constitution and included in the professional code of conduct for therapeutic radiographers. It is expected that academic educators in universities, teaching students to be radiographers, include this essential attribute in their curriculum. However little is known about what caring means to academic staff as it can be a very individual concept. This could make it difficult to ‘teach' students in the art of caring. Much research exists around caring in nursing but little is known in the therapeutic radiography educational setting.

This study seeks to explore the views of therapeutic radiography educators through semi structured interviews. It is hoped to gain a better understanding of what they perceive caring to be and how their experiences influence their views and practice as educators. This could then be used in the curriculum to inform future student learning and teaching.

  • Research degree: EdD
  • Title of project: ‘Caring in therapeutic radiography – an exploration of academic educator perceptions and experiences'


I am an experienced therapeutic radiographer with a long successful clinical career. I moved into education in 2009. I am now an Associate Professor in therapeutic radiography and also have a leadership role across St George's as Associate Dean for Student Outcomes.

I am an enthusiastic, approachable, skilled educator and leader. I have a strong focus on student experience, support and collaboration. I am an expert and experienced teacher, with good knowledge of pedagogy, professional and statutory frameworks through my role of Programme Lead, for which I received an Excellence Award in 2020. My Masters research explored the information, care and support needs of women receiving adjuvant radiotherapy. Caring and compassion are fundamental aspects of my values and practice, influencing my research focus, my teaching practice and my daily life.

Areas of research interest

  • Educational Research
  • Caring and Compassionate Pedagogy


  • 2011 Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning (Higher Education) (Commendation)
  • 2009 Masters in Oncology Practice (Commendation) Kingston University
  • 1996 Certificate in Management Studies
  • 1993 BSc Radiotherapy Practice (Awarded 2:1)
  • 1986 Diploma of the College of Radiographers (Therapy)