Miss Kate Godfree

Research project: Obesity discrimination in the workplace


This research aims to explore the need for obesity discrimination interventions within the workplace. The research is comprised of three studies.  A systematic review, has been conducted to explore current research that has examined obesity discrimination in the workplace.  A cross-sectional study, using interviews and a questionnaire, will be conducted to further understand the individual experience of obesity discrimination at work and the organisational context.  This will include any current policies that organisations have in place to tackle obesity discrimination.  Together these will help to inform the design of an intervention, which will be piloted in a number of organisations.

  • Research degree: PhD
  • Title of project: Obesity discrimination in the workplace


I studied Psychology at the University of Durham before completing a masters in Developmental Psychopathology. After this, I worked at an eating disorder charity and I also worked at a private hospital. During these experiences I decided I wanted to build on the health and wellbeing aspect of my previous degree specifically within the workplace, so I studied Occupational and Organisational Psychology at the University of Surrey. I then worked first as a research intern at Affinity Health at Work and later as a research consultant. I have worked on a range of projects including an engagement project, a resilience survey which encourages respondents to reflect on their health and wellbeing, the evaluation of a previous resilience survey and developing managers to manage sustainable employee engagement, health and wellbeing. One of my goals is to have a tangible impact on health and wellbeing in the workplace using an evidence-based approach.

Areas of research interest

  • Obesity discrimination in the workplace
  • Health and wellbeing at work
  • Obesity
  • Evidence-based practice


  • Psychology BSc (Hons) (Durham University)
  • Developmental Psychopathology MSc (Durham University)
  • Occupational and Organisational Psychology MSc (Surrey University)

Funding or awards received

  • Studentship