Miss Lisa Marie Henderson

Research project: How do CEOs contribute to employee engagement?


The aim of the research is to understand how CEOs contribute to organisations and specifically employee engagement, through psychological factors (personality and values) and observable experiences (education, age and experience etc.) The psychological factors and observable experience provide a collection of traits that can be used to explore the perceptions and meanings of employee engagement by CEOs. In exploring this question through these traits creates an understanding of CEO behavioural aspects of the role, which in turn can contribute to employee engagement.


I previously had a 20 year career in the fashion industry, working globally in senior Retail Operations roles gaining extensive experience in leading, managing and developing people in a variety of different businesses and cultures around the globe.

I moved into a career in academia in 2015, lecturing at the London College of Fashion and more recently at Kingston University. I also have a successful consultancy business supporting SMEs with people and operational focused projects.

Areas of research interest

  • Leadership
  • Employee Journey
  • Technology in HR


HRM chapter – Fashion Management; A strategic approach textbook, Macmillian Education – December 2018