Mr Mark Dean

Research project: Are we really inclusive? Newcomer adaptation to diversity and inclusion in the UK. A migrants' perspective.


This doctoral research aims to investigate empirically how and if, migrant workers adapt to expectations of integration to diversity and inclusion policies, in the UK. 

The UK Diversity and Inclusion Strategy 2019-2023 aims are clearly defined, that every employee should bring their true self to work. The Equality Act provides governance and a legal framework of that expectation, however it does not make any explicit allowances for integration or newcomer adaptation. If a migrant worker joins the workforce with different attitudes to those that are expected in the workplace in the UK, they may not be able to bring their true self to work, without being subject to reprisal by a company's policies.

This research aims to investigate the lived experiences of migrant workers in the UK, empirically, in qualitative emic research, within the interpretative paradigm. Data will be analysed using Interpretive Phenomenological Analysis, to draw on themes


I started my career in Airline customer service environments, as I speak German, Greek with knowledge in Italian. I studied at Kingston University postgraduate Human Resources and I have been working in HR for British Airways and the British Heart Foundation for over 15 years. Although I have worked primarily as an Employee Relations specialist, in latter years, I worked as the Diversity and Inclusion Lead, where I have had the opportunity develop a passion for diversity and in particular, how to create an inclusive workforce. 

During my career in HR, I have experienced many instances where the diversity needs of a migrant worker have not been considered, which has led to workplace conflict. My aim is to investigate some of the reasons and contribute to knowledge, in the field of diversity and inclusion and migrant workers, whilst combining my passion for social research and business. 

Areas of research interest

  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Migrant workers
  • International Human Resources
  • International Business Management
  • Social science research
  • Diversity and Inclusion


  • Master of Research, KingstonUniversity , 2019 - 2020
  • Master of Science in International Human Resources, Kingston University, 2018 - 2019
  • Postgraduate Diploma Human Resources Management, Kingston University, 2009 - 2011
  • Chartered Member of the CIPD
  • Kleines Sprachdiplom des Goethe