Dr Mohamed Aljarallah

Research project: Structure and Operation of Financial Regulatory Authority


Finance is an industry that needs to be regulated and supervised continuously to protect the interests of all its stakeholders. To do so, financial regulatory and supervisory organisations have been set up on the regional, national and international levels. On each level, these organisations support and guide the financial industry and protect its stakeholders. In order to deliver regulatory and supervisory services successfully, financial regulatory and supervisory organisations require a stable organisational structure and systematic operations. This research hence aims to deliver three key objectives. The first objective is to critically analyse the factors that have an impact on the structure of a financial organisation. The second is to identify and analyse the factors that influence the operations of a financial regulatory and supervisory organisation. The third and final objective is to investigate how international standards and enhance cross-border cooperation can be harmonise for the purposes of international financial regulatory authorities.

  • Research degree: PhD
  • Title of project: Structure and Operation of Financial Regulatory Authority
  • Research supervisor: Dr Mohamed Nurullah


Have been the founder & leader of the Financial Education program at Wa3i association. I graduated from Kingston University Business School with two Masters degrees one is Master of Research and the other one is Banking and Finance, my dissertation which was in the area of the Financial Regulation and Supervision, where I interviewed board level of regulatory and supervisory across the global including BIS, ECB, Federal Reserve of New York. I have to date accumulated more than 8 years' worth of work experience, both in Saudi Arabia and in the UK. The Saudi work experience is with Saudi Arabia Monetary Agency & Madinah Principality as well as and with the voluntary and private sectors, whereas in the UK my experience was primarily with the British Red Cross. I am currently a PhD student at Kingston Business School and a Lecturer in Economic at the Islamic University of Madinah.


  • PhD in Financial Regulation (2021)
  • MRes Master of Research (2016)
  • MSc Banking and Finance (2013)
  • BSc Business Administration (2011)