Mr Mohammad Kashmoula

Research project: The impact of academic spinoffs on the skills of academics involved in the process


Applying a mixed method approach, multiple in-depth interviews will be undertaken with Oxford academics who have participated in generating successful academic spinoffs, to understand how academics use the spinoff process to develop their entrepreneurial and managerial skills. This will be followed by conducting a survey on UK academics who have been involved in the spinoff process to identify the impact of the spinoff on their skills. 

This doctorate research will aim to improve the knowledge of academics on how to develop their professional and entrepreneurial skills and how academics use spinoffs to advance their career. It will also provide an opportunity to learn from other best practice and at the same time provide insight into new spinoffs.


Business developer and facilitator with a background in UK SME and retail financial services plus Middle East SME. I am a natural ‘closer' that brings subtle people skills and an entrepreneurial mind-set even to the most corporate of activities including facilitating a post-merger corporate culture change project for a UK retail bank.

I am carrying out a PhD at Kingston looking into the success factors of University spinoffs and the impact on, and cross-fertilisation with, academic founders. In particular, I want to examine how academics develop their skills through founding an academic spinoff and how the development of the skills impact their academic careers.

I will be using Oxford University as a case study (due to its pre-eminence) to develop a framework that will be tested by conducting a survey on all UK spinoffs generated since 1959.

Areas of research interest

  • Technology transfer
  • Technology and innovation
  • Entrepreneurship


  • MRes Business and Management, Kingston Business School, Kingston University, London
  • MBA Master of Business Administration, Kingston Business School, Kingston University, London
  • BSc Computer Science, Alrafidayn University, Baghdad, Iraq