Mr Mousa Al-kfairy

Research project: High-tech cluster success indicators: Computer modelling and simulation approach


Business clusters (high-tech) are believed as the best eco-system to foster regional innovation through innovation networks and knowledge spillover. Albeit there are many debates regarding its efficiency, but everybody agrees on the effectiveness of successful examples such as Silicon Valley in regional development. Although many governments and regional authorities tried to imitate it, but many of them have failed (Wadhwa, 2013) (for example BBC reported a 60% failure in tech-hubs established in Wales ((BBC, 2010)). Adding to that the high-level of uncertainty in which are the main success determinants of business clusters (Ramírez-Alesón and Fernández-Olmos, 2017; Ferrara et al., 2016; Al-Maadeed and Weerakkody, 2016).

This Ph.D study aims to uncover the ambiguity of high-tech cluster success indicators for clusters established by government/regional authorities using a novel approach of multi-dimensional computer simulation and modelling techniques.

  • Research degree: PhD
  • Title of project: High-tech cluster success indicators: Computer modelling and simulation approach
  • Research supervisor: Dr Robert Mellor


I am a Doctoral student in Information Systems at Kingston University, London. My research interests are primarily around computer-based business modelling and simulation. In particular I am interested in analysing the success and optimum configuration of business clusters, using an approach based on econometrics, regional studies and innovation management. I hold an MSc in Computer Science from Linköping university, Sweden. Prior to starting my PhD I worked for 7 years as Project Manager, solution architect (systems analyst) and Software Engineer in Mjärdevi Science Park, Sweden.

I hold different PM industrial certifications, which are:

* Professional Scrum Master Certified.

* Agile Foundation Certified.

* Team Kanban Practitioner Certified.

Areas of research interest

  • Modelling and simulation
  • Computational economics
  • Knowledge management
  • Regional studies
  • Econometrics models
  • Data science
  • Innovation management
  • Business in practices


  • MSc in Computer Science, Linkoping University, Sweden
  • BSc in Computer Science and Information Systems, JUST University, Jordan