Dr Shifan Khanday

Research project: Anatomical variations in human body:Exploring the boundaries of normality.


A collation of research papers highlighting the variations and their implications on clinical presentation,investigations and surgical outcome.

  • Research degree: PhD by prior publication/portfolio
  • Title of project: Anatomical variations in human body:Exploring the boundaries of normality.


I am currently working as assistant professor in the department of Anatomy,Dubai Medical University.Currently pursuingPhD at faculty of Health and Social care,Kingston and St Georges University .my research area is Anatomical variations.I am working under the supervision of Prof Hafez Ahmed, Dr Ahmed Younis and Dr Dimitra Nikoletou. Qualifications.        :Ph.D Kingston University London,United KingdomMBA (health care ) Apollo hospital Hyderabad  M.D ( Anatomy) Sri Ramachandra Medical College(SRMC) ,Chennai, 2009- 2012. India.Diploma Family Medicine RCGP London. 2005 -2006.M.B.B.S Acharya Sri Chander College Of Medical Sciences 1997-2003(ASCOMS) & Hospital, Jammu, India.  Higher Secondary Mallinson Girls School Srinagar ,Kashmir ,India. 1995 Career History: • NOV., 2013 - Present: Assistant Professor: Department of Basic Medical Sciences  (Anatomy),Dubai Medical College  ,  • Jan 2013 - Nov, 2013: Senior Resident .Dept Of Anatomy .SKIMS medical College .Srinagar.Jammu And Kashmir.  University of Kashmir • 2012 - Jan , 2013: Senior Resident .Dept Of Anatomy .ASCOMS medical College .Jammu.(Jammu And Kashmir)• 2009 - 2012: Post graduate student at Sri Ramchandra Medical College .Chennai .India• 2006-2008: Resident Trainee in Anatomy . ASCOMS medical College .Jammu.(Jammu And Kashmir)• 2005-2006 Post Graduate Diploma in Family medicine with Royal College of General Physicians .London.2004 -2005 Resident doctor at Indraprastha Apollo hospitals New Delhi .1997 -2003 MBBS and Rotary internship.Teaching & Educational Skills: Teaching human gross, applied, surgical, radiological, developmental human Anatomy (Embryology) and Neuroanatomy for under graduate and graduate Medical, Dental, Nursery & Pharmacy  students. Efficient in all activities in Problem-Based-Learning as facilitating PBL  tutorials, writing PBL scenarios, coordinating system units, preparing  unit manuals, reports and timetabling; as well as preparing all types  of MCQs and EMQs. Experienced in student-centered and small group learning activities  in practical and resource session classes. Efficient in employing various computer programs, data show  facilities and web-based resources in E-teaching anatomy. . ï± Memberships:. Associate member of Royal college of physicians.London.. Peer reviewer/member in Editorial Board of Bioinfo journal• Member American Association of Anatomists (AAA), USA. • Member association of Clinical Anatomist ,India• . ï± Honors and Awards: • BOOKS1. Author of a book Quick revision in Anatomy by CBS publishers .2014.AWARDS1.Dr.T.Jeyavelu Memorial Award for Best paper presentation in 33rd Annual Conference of Anatomist of Tamil Nadu.titled abnormal branching pattern of brachial artery and insertion of brachialis muscle on radius.2 .Best paper presentation in 34th Annual Conference of Anatomist of Tamil Nadu titled Morphometric and Morphological study on jugular foramen in South Indian population ". ï± List of Publications:  1. Morphological and morphometric study of jugular foramen in south indian population.International Journal of Anatomy and Research, Int J Anat Res 2013, Vol 1(3):122-27. ISSN 2321- 4287 .2. Morphology of Brachialis muscle,International Journal of Anatomy and research ,2014 3. A rare case of omental infarction with special emphasis on anatomy and embryogenesis of Omentum,Asian Journal of science and technology 20144. The unusual hernias ,Anatomical and surgical perspective,International Journal of advanced research., Feb 2014 5. Gastrinoma: Importance of localization. Anatomical, surgical and diagnostic perspective International journal of development research 2014 6. The Anatomical and Surgical Importance of Hepatobiliary Triangle of Calot .International Journal of Advanced Research (2013), Volume 1, Issue 8, 856-8587. Teratomas: the Unique masses: Embryological, Histopathological and Clinical Perspective Journal of applied medical sciences 2014 8. Acoustic Neuromas : The Anatomic, Histopathological and Radiological Perspective Scholars journal of medical case report. 2014 9. Dandy Walker Malformation A Rare Case with Review of Literature Valley international journal March 2014.10. The journey from hypothermia to cryonics: latest body preservation International journal of current research. 2014 11."Anomalous Trunkus Brachiocephalicus and its clinical significance", JCDR,2012.12. "Asymptomatic splenic artery thrombosis and the compensation by right gastrosplenic artery", Indian journal of Medical Specialities , 2011.13. "Community prevalence of trauma in South Asia –Experience from Kashmir",JK Practitioner ;13 (suppl 1): S pp 14-17,2006 . 14.. Splenic Injuries in Abdominal Trauma Modern Management Basedon Anatomical Knowledge. Global Journal of Medical Research: ISurgeries and Cardiovascular SystemVolume 14 Issue 4 Version 1.0 Year 201415.. The rare case of Monier kuhn syndrome or the tracheobronchomegaly syndrome .Medico research chronicles (Med. Res. Chron., 2015, 2 (1), 01-04)16.The Anatomical and Surgical Importance of Hepatobiliary Triangle of Calot .International Journal of Advanced Research (2013), Volume 1, Issue 8, 856-85817. Median nerve schwanomma: a rare peripheral tumor . Medico research chronicles (Med. Res. Chron., 2015, 1 (2), 05-08.). 18. Open Lip Schizencephaly with Agenesis of Corpus Callosum: A Rare Embryological Defect In CombinationInternational Journal of Anatomy and Research 2015; 3(1): 838-840. 19. Pachygyria: A Rare Neuronal Migration DefectScholars Journal of Medical Case Reports, 2015; 3(1):47-4820. Teaching methods in anatomy - Students perspective . IJSEAS .201521. Duplication of Inferior Venacava .A case report. IJSEAS 201522. Multiple Sclerosis: Biomedical and Genetic aspects Review article. International Journal of advances in health sciences 201523. Morphology and morphometry of foramen magnum international Journal of Current ResearchVol. 8, Issue, March, 201624. Highlights on effect of grapefruit consumption in rats25. Corelation of Height with the length of long bones in adult females. international Journal of Current ResearchVol. 8, Issue, 03, pp. 281 56-2815 8, March, 201626. Histopathological bodies aiding in microscopic study. Valley international journal. Volume2 issue04 2015 page no. 842-845ISSN:2348-991X27. A study of burnout among clinicians as caregivers in a chronic mass trauma situation28. Parkinsons disease and selected reuse of stereotactic surgery. International Journal of Advanced Research (2013), Volume 1, Issue 8, 859-86229. Art of Preservation...Then,now and when???.Poster presentation at DMES 201630. Molluscum contagiosum an increasing trend. Valley international journal.vol 2 ,issue 2,2015

Areas of research interest

  • Human Anatomy
  • Neuroanatomy
  • Embryology
  • Genetics
  • Morphometry
  • Research


  • MBBS
  • Diploma Family medicine
  • MBA
  • MD In Anatomy
  • PhD