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Research staff profile: introducing...Annette Boaz

Tell us about yourself

Annette Boaz Kingston UniversityI am a social scientist with research interests in research engagement, research impact and evaluation. I worked for a number of years in the UK Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) funded Centre for Evidence Based Policy. I continue to conduct research in this field and am one of the managing editors of the international journal Evidence & Policy. The journal has been building an international reputation, and although only 10 years old it has achieved an International Scientific Indexing impact factor. I support a number of initiatives aimed at increasing capacity for research use including the National Institute for Health Research Knowledge Mobilization Fellowship scheme, the UK Implementation Network and the ESRC Impact Prize.

What is your current research focused on?

I am leading a three year study funded by the UK Medical Research Council on the role of stakeholder engagement in promoting the impact of a tobacco control intervention in eight European countries. I have recently completed an evaluation of experienced-based co-design of services in two health care pathways and am about to begin a Health Foundation funded evaluation of a programme aimed at spreading the capability to improve patients' and carers' experiences of end of life care using a collaborative peer-to-peer method. I also have a project looking at public and patient involvement in Clinical Commissioning Groups in South London and a study looking at research impact failures.

What are you passionate about?

Promoting research use, particularly through processes of implementation and improvement. Exploring the role of stakeholders (including the public and patients) in research, policy and practice. I think most academics set out with a goal of producing research that makes a difference to people's lives. My aim is to identify ways of helping us reconnect with this initial vision and supporting individuals and institutions in making it happen.

How does your research affect people's everyday lives?

There is a growing body of evidence (including our own review) to suggest that increasing research engagement in health care systems leads to improvements in services for patients and ultimately leads to better patient outcomes.

If you could change one thing in the world what would it be?

That individuals and organisations would get better at learning and improvement.

With unlimited research budget, I would...

That's an unimaginable idea!

What is the best thing about carrying out research at Kingston University?

The enthusiasm for research amongst colleagues, the fantastic students and the amazing Research Support Office.

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