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Research staff profile: introducing...Hang Do

Tell us about yourself

Hang DoI am a post-doctoral researcher at Small Business Research Centre (SBRC), Kingston Business School. Having a background in Economics from University of Lugano (MSc) and University of St. Gallen (PhD) in Switzerland, I am currently working on several European-funded research projects and contributing to some teaching modules of entrepreneurship and innovation and supervising students.

Before joining SBRC, I worked as a research associate at the Swiss Research Institute of Small Business and Entrepreneurship for two years. My research project on innovation management of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) was sponsored by Swiss National Science Foundation. As a researcher, I am an active member of the International Council for Small Business, European Council for Small Business, Social Science Research Networks and Centre for Entrepreneurial Management and Innovation (CEMI).

What is your current research focused on?

My current research focuses on small business issues including exporting, innovation management, job creation, entrepreneurial behaviour, business policies, and firm performance. I enjoy investigating main business issues encountered by start-ups and small enterprises, their strategic management, and performance. Through my research, I am engaged in several international projects, including innovation management of SMEs within the OECD countries, sustaining self-employment of disabled entrepreneurs, and a Global Born Enterprises project led by the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions (EUROFOUND).

What are you passionate about?

The nature of doing research is to explore new things. I am very passionate in researching entrepreneurship and innovation because they are the source of creativity and regarded as the drivers of the economic growth. During my projects, I had chances to run surveys and conduct interviews with the CEOs and owners of SMEs to have deeper insights into their inspiration, vision, intention, concerns, behaviour, and orientation in managing their businesses. This enhances my knowledge of practical issues in different business contexts. Besides, as a researcher, I am actively collaborating with international scholars and project partners, which enrich my knowledge of the business world and experience of working with people across cultures.

How does your research affect people's everyday lives?

SMEs account for 99 per cent of businesses in the UK economy, generating more than 60 per cent of the labour market, and contributing 49 per cent of turnover in the private sector. Hence, research on SMEs contributes to find out the solutions to their business problems and concerns to improve their performance. My research aims to enhance the dialogues between entrepreneurs/SME owners and policy-makers to boost business sustainability, innovation, performance and growth.

What is the best thing about carrying out research at Kingston University?

Kingston University is an ideal environment for me to carry out research because of reputation and dynamism, providing lots of potential opportunities to promote early career researchers. Next, it is located in a very nice town by the River Thames and easy to reach a wide range of research institutes, academics, and business hubs.

Find out more about Hang Do on her staff profile page.

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