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Economics workshops with leading professors and the Kingston University Rethinking Economics group

Economics workshops with leading professors and the Kingston University Rethinking Economics group

  • Age group: Typically Year 10 and above (including sixth form and FE college learners)
  • Activity type: Subject-specific workshops
  • Group size: No larger than 25–30
  • When: Ad-hoc sessions throughout the year
  • Duration: From one hour to an entire day visit
  • Location: Penrhyn Road campus, Kingston University

Here at Kingston, we offer a unique economics curriculum that embraces the plurality of existing economic theories. Some of our most prominent economists – including Professor Steve Keen – have developed a selection of exciting outreach activities to encourage your learners to consider a different perspective on economics.

The three main outreach activities include:

The Star Power Game

Duration: Typically 1.5 hours

A live, multi-person, interactive and fun trading game! Players start with a random selection of poker chips and points are gained by trading, which takes place according to strict rules. The game illustrates issues not merely about trade, but also about social class, inequality and power.

Showcase of a heterodox approach to economics

Duration: Typically 1 hour

Our expert teaching staff will either present their current research or a topic dealt with in heterodox economics in general (such as inequality, power, gender or money) to illustrate the benefits of thinking and applying a pluralist framework to economic.

Why pluralism is important

Duration: Typically half an hour

Kingston University's Rethinking Economics group (KURE) will present on why pluralism in economics is important and what student movements (such as KURE) have achieved so far in their drive to change and update economics curricular at universities.

If you would like the visit to last a full school/college day, then we can easily combine (one or all of) the above activities with a selection of our higher education talks including choosing the right course and university, student finance and student life talk as well as a campus tour and break for lunch.

Refreshments upon arrival will be provided by Kingston University but visiting learners will need to make their own arrangements for lunch (either bringing a packed lunch or purchasing items from our student canteen).

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