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Survival Languages: Italian

Please contact us for future course dates.

Please contact us for future dates of this course.

Booking information

We aim to be fully compliant with government health and safety guidelines whilst running short courses at Kingston University.

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The standard course fee is indicated at the top of this page. If a course has any discounted fees available (e.g. for early-bird booking, alumni or students) these will be clearly outlined on the booking website.

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Course description

Taking your first steps towards learning a new language? Welcome to our Survival Language courses for beginners. Our Survival Language courses are the perfect starting point when you just know a few words or have no prior experience.

These four-week courses introduce basic grammar, essential frequent vocabulary, and key aspects of pronunciation. They provide a platform to gain basic linguistic skills for everyday life communication. There is an emphasis on speaking and listening for the gist of a short conversation, but you will also acquire relevant cultural information.

Example course structure

Week one: Greetings and introductions

The first lesson will focus on basic sounds in Italian language and simple phrases to exchange basic, polite and casual conversation.

Week two: Getting around

This session participants will learn the numbers, how to tell the time, as well as basic phrases on how to get tickets and ask about transport information.

Week three: At a cafe

During the third session, we will focus on food, participants will learn about Italian food, as well as basic questions to order food and beverage in a formal and informal context.

Week four: The city

Participants will acquire the basic vocabulary and phrases to enable them to get around the city.

Course tutors

The course is taught by current Kingston School of Art (KSA) language lecturers.

What to bring

A basic list will be sent to you a week in advance of the course start date. All other materials are provided by Kingston School of Art (KSA).

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Short courses team
Kingston School of Art

Tel: +44 (0)20 8417 4066
Contact us

Contact us

Short courses team
Kingston School of Art

Tel: +44 (0)20 8417 4066
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