Dr Amanda Rotella


Broadly, I conduct reseearch in judgment and decision-making, with a focus on how social competition impacts various social and health outcomes.

I am interested in a variety of topics, including morality, cooperation, signaling, social comparisons, and inequality. Within these topics, I investigate how individual differences (personality; wise reasoning; relative deprivation) interact with contextual factors. I also rearch how social competition influences cultural change, where I use historical data to investigate change within cultures over time.

My research is interdisciplinary, often exploratory, drawing on diverse fields (social/personality psychology; evolutionary psychology; organizational behaviour; behavioral economics; behavioral ecology; health psychology; cognitive science) and employs a variety of methodological approaches (behavioral experiments; experimental economics; meta-analysis; longitudinal analyses of time-series data; and survey methods).

For more information see amandarotella.ca

Academic responsibilities

Lecturer in Social and Health Psychology


  • PhD in Psychology, University of Guelph (2020)
  • MSc in Psychology, University of Guelph (2015)
  • BSc Combined Biological Sciences and Psychology, Brock University (2011)

Teaching and learning

  • Psychology of Health and Well Being (PS6005)
  • The Person in Psychology (PS7003)

Undergraduate courses taught

Postgraduate courses taught


I conduct research in judgment and decision making and cultural change. I seek to understand the underlying social and affective processes that influence moral and cooperative decision-making, including social and motivational influences (e.g., reputation), affect (e.g., feelings of relative deprivation), individual differences, and underlying reasoning processes (e.g., the use of wise reasoning) that influence moral decision-making.

I also conduct research on cultural change, where I investigate how socioecological factors influence cultural phenomena over time. I am also interested in how people predict cultural change.

My work is purposely interdisciplinary, drawing on research in social/personality psychology, health psychology, behavioural economics, and evolutionary biology. I use a variety of measures and methods in my research program (e.g., experimental psychology; time-series analyses; meta-analysis; game theory).

For more information on my research please visit amandarotella.ca

Areas of specialism

  • Cooperative and moral decision-making
  • Inequality and feelings of relative deprivation
  • Wise reasoning
  • Cultural change
  • Social/evolutionary psychology


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Book Section

Kafashan, Sara, Sparks, Adam, Rotella, Amanda and Barclay, Pat (2017) Why heroism exists : evolutionary perspectives on extreme helping. In: Allison, Scott T. , Goethals, George R. and Kramer, Roderick M., (eds.) Handbook of heroism and heroic leadership. Abingdon, U.K. : Routledge. pp. 36-57. ISBN 9781138915633

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