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Dr Andriana Rapti

Senior Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Organisational Behaviour


I am a Senior Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Organisational Behaviour at Kingston Business School since August 2015. I hold a PhD in Organisational Behaviour/HRM and an MSc in Management with HRM both from University of Bath, UK. Prior to Kingston, I worked as a lecturer at the University of Bath. I have been involved in a big number of research projects as a Research Officer/Assistant at the University of Bath and other top UK institutions. I am also appointed as a Visiting Researcher at the University of Bath.

I have presented my research  at various international conferences (Academy of Management, European Academy of Management, European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology). My papers have been published at top academic journals. I have also received funding for my research and I am currently leading a large scale research project.

Areas of specialism

  • Employee Engagement
  • Employee Psychological Ownership
  • Organisational Commitment
  • Job Satisfaction
  • HRM practices
  • Quantitative research methods


  • PhD
  • MSc
  • BSc
  • Fellow of Higher Education Academy (HEA)

Professional membership

  • Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (C.I.PD.)
  • Fellow of Higher Education Academy (HEA)
  • Academy of Management (AOM)
  • European Association of Work & Organisational Psychology (EAWOP)
  • European Academy of Management (Euram)
  • Chartered Management Institute (CMI)
  • Member of the Greek People Management Association (GPMA)
  • Honorary member of the Panhellenic Literature Union


My primary research interests lie in the linkages between employee engagement and its antecedents, within the JD-R model and social exchange theory. I am also interested in the effect of HRM practices and fit perceptions on employees' attitudes. To a lesser degree, I am interested in the relationship between engagement and its behavioural outcomes.


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