Dr Caroline Kim


Currently a senior lecturer in microbiology at Kingston University and also the Course Director for BSc Pharmaceutical and Chemcial Sciences. This course starts as a Foundation Degree and allows students to transfer onto different courses such as Master of Pharmacy, BSc Pharmaceutical Sciences or BSc Pharmaceutical and Chemical Sciences. I teach Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical science and Pharmaceutical and Chemical Science students and the subjects taught are basic microbiology, sterile product manufacture, infections and virulence.Research interests are in public health promotion and educating the public on infections and antibiotics. Other interests are alternative treatments or prevention of infections.

Previously I investigated alternative treatments to tuberculosis. A natural South African remedy has supposed beneficial effects on tuberculosis. I investigated active compounds derived from the components of the natural remedy and their effects on internalized mycobacterium in macrophages. Some active compounds were determined to stimulate macrophages to kill the internalised mycobacteria.

Academic responsibilities

Senior Lecturer


  • PhD
  • Master of Pharmacy

Teaching and learning


Research student supervision