Dr George Alexandrou


I have a degree in mathematics from Athens University and a degree in accounting and finance from the Athens University Economics and Business. My doctorate studies at Cass Business School were sponsored by a scholarship from the National Greek State Scholarship Foundations. My PhD research was in the area of mergers, acquisitions and divestments and corporate restructuring. Prior to joining Kingston Business School I had academic positions at the University of Bristol and the Essex Business School.

I am currently co-Chair of the BAFA-SEAG (British Accounting and Finance Association - South East Area Group) and member of the BAFA executive committee.

I have reviewed papers for a number of international academic journals, including The British Accounting Review; The European Journal of Finance; The European Financial Management and others. I have also been member of organizing committees of international academic conferences and I have chaired sessions and discussed.

My research is in the main areas of corporate finance, like mergers and acquisitions, corporate governance, share repurchases and new issues. I also have research papers in corporate divestments, shipping industry, banking and international management.

Academic responsibilities

Associate professor


  • PhD in Accounting and Finance
  • BSc in Mathematics
  • BSc in Accounting and Finance

Teaching and learning



Number of items: 11.


Alexandrou, George, Gounopoulos, Dimitrios and Thomas, Hardy M. (2014) Mergers and acquisitions in shipping. Transportation Research Part E: Logistics and Transportation Review, 61, pp. 212-234. ISSN (print) 1366-5545

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Alexandrou, George and Sudarsanam, Sudi (2001) Shareholder wealth effects of corporate selloffs: impact of growth opportunities, economic cycle and bargaining power. European Financial Management, 7(2), pp. 237-258. ISSN (print) 1354-7798

Conference or Workshop Item

Alexandrou, George (2019) Mergers and acquisitions in the logistics industry. In: 10th Annual Faculty Research Conference: Contemporary Issues in Business and Social Sciences in a period of uncertainty; 03 - 04 Jun 2019, Kingston upon Thames, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Sails, Toni, Alexandrou, George and Anagnostopoulos, Ioannis (2018) FinTech - the agent of financial services disintermediation. In: 9th Annual Faculty of Business Research Conference: Contemporary Issues in Business; 04 Jun 2018, Kingston upon Thames, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Farmer, Mark A., Alexandrou, George and Archbold, Stuart (2011) New evidence of relative performance evaluation (RPE) in UK chief executive realised incentive compensation. In: The 2nd Annual Faculty of Business and Law Conference: Emerging Issues in Business and Law; 10 May 2011, Kingston upon Thames, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Alexandrou, George, Koumanakos, Evangelos and Chytis, Evangelos (2011) Anticipated effects of International Accounting Standards in micro entities from the viewpoint of preparers. In: 10th Conference of the Hellenic Finance and Accounting Association (HFAA) 2011; 16-17 Dec 2011, Athens, Greece. (Unpublished)

Alexandrou, George, Koulakiotis, A. and Dasilas, A. (2010) The integration of the European banking industry. In: Emerging Issues in Business and Law; 22 Jun 2010, Kingston upon Thames, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Alexandrou, George, Alizadeh, Amir and Plattner, Heidi (2004) The effect of the equity-based managerial remuneration on the quality of the joint venture decisions. In: 27th Annual Congress of the European Accounting Association (EAA); 1-3 Apr 2004, Prague, Czech Republic. (Unpublished)

Alexandrou, George and Turner, Geoffrey (2004) Corporate lending decisions in the UK banking practice. In: 27th Annual Congress of the European Accounting Association (EAA); 1-3 Apr 2004, Prague, Czech Republic. (Unpublished)

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