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Dr Hany Hassanin

Senior Lecturer


Dr Hany Hassanin is a senior lecturer in engineering design and manufacturing. He received his PhD in advanced manufacturing and materials using micro/nano technology from the University of Birmingham (2010), MSc degree in mechanical engineering from Helwan University-Egypt, BSc degree in mechanical engineering from Cairo University-Egypt. Following his PhD, Hany worked as a research fellow at the University of Birmingham at both the mechanical engineering department and school of metallurgy and materials from 2011 until 2015, prior to his appointment as a lecturer at the School of mechanical and aerospace engineering at Kingston University in September 2015. His research portfolio over the past 10 years has been focused on studying micro/nanotechnology, additive manufacturing (3D printing), mechanical design, computer aided design, metamaterials, precision engineering, finite element analysis, biomedical Engineering, composite materials, through research partnerships with several partners including European Space Agency (ESA), Rolls-Royce plc, and others. He published over 40 journal and 25 conference papers, 4 book chapters, one book and contributed to 3 patents applications.

Areas of specialism

  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Micro/Nano technology
  • Materials Processing
  • Net Shape Manufacturing
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Ceramics
  • Electroplating
  • nano/materials

Courses taught




  • FHEA
  • PhD
  • MSC
  • BSC


Number of items: 22.


Klippstein, Helge, Hassanin, Hany, Sanchez, Alejandro Diaz de Cerio, Zweiri, Yahya and Senevirante, Lakmal (2018) Additive manufacturing of porous structures for unmanned aerial vehicles applications. Advanced Engineering Materials, ISSN (print) 1438-1656 (Epub Ahead of Print)

Mosuela, Reynalyn, Mustafa, Shelan, Gould, Simon, Hassanin, Hany, Alany, Raid G and ElShaer, Amr (2018) Adherence of 'Pseudomonas aeruginosa' onto surfactant-laden contact lenses. Colloids and Surfaces B Biointerfaces, 163, pp. 91-99. ISSN (print) 0927-7765

Hassanin, Hany, Finet, Laurane, Cox, Sophie C., Jamshidi, Parastoo, Grover, Liam M., Shepherd, Duncan E.T., Addison, Owen and Attallah, Moataz M. (2018) Tailoring selective laser melting process for titanium drug-delivering implants with releasing micro-channels. Additive Manufacturing, 20, pp. 144-155. ISSN (print) 2214-7810

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Irukuvarghula, S., Hassanin, H., Cayron, C., Attallah, M.M., Stewart, D. and Preuss, M. (2017) Evolution of grain boundary network topology in 316L austenitic stainless steel during powder hot isostatic pressing. Acta Materialia, 133, pp. 269-281. ISSN (print) 1359-6454

Klippstein, Helge, Sanchez, Alejandro Diaz De Cerio, Hassanin, Hany, Zweiri, Yahya and Seneviratne, Lakmal (2017) Fused deposition modelling for unmanned aerial vehicles : a review. Advanced Engineering Materials, ISSN (print) 1438-1656 (Epub Ahead of Print)

Essa, Khamis, Modica, Francesco, Imbaby, Mohamed, El-Sayed, Mahmoud Ahmed, ElShaer, Amr, Jiang, Kyle and Hassanin, Hany (2017) Manufacturing of metallic micro components using hybrid soft lithography and micro-electrical discharge machining. The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, 91(1-4), pp. 445-452. ISSN (print) 0268-3768

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Hassanin, Hany, Al-Kinani, Ali, ElShaer, Amr, Polycarpou, Elena, El-Sayed, Mahmoud Ahmed and Essa, Khamis (2017) Stainless steel with tailored porosity using canister-free hot isostatic pressing for improved osseointegration implants. Journal of Materials Chemistry B, 5(47), pp. 9384-9394. ISSN (print) 2050-750X

Sabouri, Aydin, Yetisen, Ali K., Sadigzade, Rashad, Hassanin, Hany, Essa, Khamis and Butt, Haider (2017) Three-dimensional microstructured lattices for oil sensing. Energy & Fuels, 31(3), pp. 2524-2529. ISSN (print) 0887-0624

ElShaer, Amr, Al-khattawi, Ali, Mohammed, Afzal R., Warzecha, Monika, Lamprou, Dimitrios A. and Hassanin, Hany (2017) Understanding the compaction behaviour of low-substituted HPC : macro, micro, and nano-metric evaluations. Pharmaceutical Development and Technology, ISSN (print) 1083-7450 (Epub Ahead of Print)

Cox, Sophie C, Jamshidi, Parastoo, Eisenstein, Neil M, Webber, Mark A, Hassanin, Hany, Attallah, Moataz M, Shepherd, Duncan E T, Addison, Owen and Grover, Liam M (2016) Adding functionality with additive manufacturing : fabrication of titanium-based antibiotic eluting implants. Materials Science & Engineering C - Materials for Biological Applications, 64, pp. 407-415. ISSN (print) 0928-4931

El-Sayed, M. A., Hassanin, Hany and Essa, Khamis (2016) Bifilm defects and porosity in Al cast alloys. The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, ISSN (print) 0268-3768 (In Press)

El-Sayed, M. A., Hassanin, H. and Essa, K. (2016) Effect of casting practice on the reliability of Al cast alloys. International Journal of Cast Metals Research, 29(6), pp. 350-354. ISSN (print) 1364-0461

Hassanin, Hany, Essa, Khamis, El-Sayed, Mahmoud Ahmed and Attallah, Moataz M. (2016) Enhancement of student learning and feedback of large group engineering lectures using audience response systems. Journal of Materials Education, 38(5-6), pp. 175-190. ISSN (print) 0738-7989

Liu, Jian, Yang, Yang, Hassanin, Hany, Jumbu, Neeraj, Deng, Sunan, Zuo, Qian and Jiang, Kyle (2016) Graphene-Alumina Nanocomposites with Improved Mechanical Properties for Biomedical Applications. ACS applied materials & interfaces, 8(4), pp. 2607-2616. ISSN (print) 1944-8244

Hassanin, Hany, Modica, Francesco, El-Sayed, Mahmoud Ahmed, Liu, Jian and Essa, Khamis (2016) Manufacturing of Ti-6Al-4V Micro-Implantable Parts using hybrid selective laser melting and micro-electrical discharge machining. Advanced Engineering Materials, 18(9), pp. 1544-1549. ISSN (print) 1438-1656

Hassanin, Hany, Essa, Khamis, Qiu, Chunlei, Abdelhafeez, Ali M., Adkins, Nicholas J.E. and Attallah, Moataz M. (2016) Net-shape manufacturing using hybrid selective laser melting/hot isostatic pressing. Rapid Prototyping Journal, 23(4), pp. 720-726. ISSN (print) 1355-2546

Li, Sheng, Hassanin, Hany, Attallah, Moataz, Adkins, Nicholas and Essa, Khamis (2016) The development of TiNi-based negative poisson's ratio structure using selective laser melting. Acta Materialia, 105, pp. 75-83. ISSN (print) 1359-6454

Essa, Khamis, Khan, Raja, Hassanin, Hany, Attallah, Moataz M. and Reed, Roger (2016) An iterative approach of hot isostatic pressing tooling design for net-shape IN718 superalloy parts. The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, 83(9), pp. 1835-1845. ISSN (print) 0268-3768

Book Section

Hassanin, Hany, ElShaer, Amr, Benhadj-Djilali, Redha, Modica, Francesco and Fassi, Irene (2018) Surface finish improvement of additive manufactured metal parts. In: Gupta, Kapil, (ed.) Micro and precision manufacturing. Cham, Switzerland : Springer. pp. 145-164. (Engineering Materials) ISSN (print) 1612-1317 ISBN 9783319688008

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