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Dr Isobel Yeo

Lecturer in Earth Sciences


My research interests are in submarine volcanism and the mineralisation and resource potential of the seafloor. I work with data collected at sea using autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) and remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) to map the seafloor and understand its formation. My current research includes projects on seafloor volcanic hazards, seafloor massive sulphide (SMS) deposits, ferromanganese crusts and mid-ocean ridges. I teach Earth Resources (GG5080) and Applied Geosciences (GG6050).  

Areas of specialism

  • Volcanology
  • Oceanography
  • Geochemistry
  • Marine mining
  • Seafloor mapping


  • PhD, Durham University, UK
  • BSc Hons, University of Edinburgh, UK

Professional membership

Interridge Seafloor Massive Sulphide Resources working group

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