Dr Jackie McRae


I joined the Faculty in 2019 as Director for Research in the Centre for Allied Health, supporting research activity by staff across the Centre.

I am a Speech and Language Therapist  with 30 years experience in the NHS working with adults with acquired speech, language and swallowing impairments, with specific expertise in critical care. I continue to work part time as a Consultant Speech and Language Therapist and was involved in the set up of COVID services at NHS Nightingale London and UCLH, delivering specialist interventions to patients with COVID-19. https://bit.ly/3dYWuBu

My research focuses on the identification of complex dysphagia (swallowing impairments) and its effective management in those with acute cervical spinal cord injury as part of a multi-disciplinary team approach. I have used mixed methods to identify clinical practices, lived experiences and expert consensus. http://daisyproject.info/

I am currently undertaking an NHSE/I clinical transformation project to develop education for healthcare staff working with spinal cord injury patients. This will focus on the translation of existing evidence into practice.

I mentor and supervise a number of awardees of the NIHR schemes and was previously an NIHR Training Advocate for Speech and Language Therapy. I am a clinical adviser and research champion for the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists and sit on a number of expert panels revising our practices in the light of COVID-19.

In 2018 I won the Advancing Healthcare Award as HEE/NIHR Research Champion. My aim is to enhance research opportunities for our staff and develop the evidence that demonstrates the impact of our research in healthcare and education.

Please do make contact if you have a project to discuss. Twitter: @DrJackieM

Academic responsibilities

School Director Research & Enterprise


  • PhD Dysphagia (NIHR Clinical Doctoral Research Fellowship), UCL
  • MClinRes (NIHR), University of Hertfordshire
  • BSc (Hons) Speech Sciences, UCL
  • Certificate in First Line Management
  • Registered Speech and Language Therapist (HCPC)

Teaching and learning

I deliver teaching to the MRes module and a number of ACP modules around rehabilitation in critical care and healthcare leadership. In my clinical role, I regularly provide training and support for clinicians in practice.

Module Lead: Evidence Based Quality Improvement Project Module RES701 (ACP pathway)


I am interested and available to discuss research supervision requirements for healthcare professionals globally.


  • Screening/assessment of dysphagia, especially in acute adult patient groups
  • Developing interventions for rehabilitation of complex airway/dysphagia in critical care, especially spinal cord injury/surgery
  • Service evaluation/QI, especially speech and language therapy and multi-disciplinary teams
  • Consensus development for specialist conditions
  • NIHR fellowship research capacity development
  • Clinical academic career pathway

Current funding awards

2021 Jackie McRae, HEE Post-doctoral bridging fellowship

2021 Jackie McRae, Daniel Turnberg Travel Fellowship (Academy of Medical Sciences)

2021-2024 Rebecca Kimber, HEE/NIHR pre-doctoral clinical academic research fellowship, patient experience of living with oral deficits resulting from acquired facial weakness (supervisor)

2020-2022 Annabel Sheard, HEE/NIHR pre-doctoral clinical academic research fellowship, psychological therapies to children and adolescents with SLCN and mental health difficulties (mentor)

2020-2022 Waiza Kadri, HEE/NIHR pre-doctoral clinical academic research fellowship, adults with tracheostomy and swallowing difficulty (dysphagia) as a result of a stroke (mentor)

2019-2023 Rafiah Badat, HEE/NIHR Clinical Doctoral Research Fellowship, Exploring language, behaviour and wellbeing outcomes of a user co-designed digital vocabulary intervention for child language disorder (clinical supervisor)

Completed awards

2020-2021 Rebecca Kimber, HEE Internship

2019-2020 Sarah Hayward, HEE/NIHR pre-doctoral clinical academic research fellowship

2019-2020 Lauren Leigh-Doyle, HEE Internship

2014 -2017 Jackie McRae, HEE/NIHR Clinical Doctoral Research Fellowship, Development of a screening instrument for Dysphagia following Acute cervIcal Spinal cord injurY: identification of current practice and validation of a tool (DAISY)

2010-2012 Jackie McRae, HEE/NIHR MSc Clinical Research

Qualifications and expertise

  • RCSLT Research Champion
  • NIHR Training Advocate (Speech and Language Therapy)
  • NIHR Mentor

Areas of specialism

  • Critical care rehabilitation
  • Ventilator and tracheostomy weaning
  • Complex dysphagia management
  • Speech and Language Therapy (adults)
  • Spinal Cord Injury rehabilitation


Number of items: 14.


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McRae, Jackie, Smith, Christina, Beeke, Suzanne, Emmanuel, Anton and Members of the Delphi expert panel group (2021) Development of a swallowing risk screening tool and best practice recommendations for the management of oropharyngeal dysphagia following acute cervical spinal cord injury : an international multi-professional Delphi consensus. Disability and Rehabilitation, ISSN (print) 0963-8288 (Epub Ahead of Print)

McRae, Jackie, Hayton, Jennifer and Smith, Christina (2021) Speech and language therapy service provision in spinal injury units compared to major trauma centres in England : are services matched? International Journal of Language & Communication Disorders, ISSN (print) 1368-2822 (Epub Ahead of Print)

Weiss, Oshrat Sella, Gvion-Shoshani, Aviah and McRae, Jackie (2021) Speech and language therapists' management of ventilated patients and patients with tracheostomy in Israel. International Journal of Language & Communication Disorders, ISSN (print) 1368-2822 (Epub Ahead of Print)

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Allen, Jodi, Rossano, Gabriella and McRae, Jackie (2021) Mouth care challenges and the use of the COVID-19 oral grading system : identifying risk factors for extubation in patients with COVID-19. ICU Management and Practice, 21(1), pp. 52-60. ISSN (print) 1377-7564

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McRae, Jackie, Smith, Christina, Emmanuel, Anton and Beeke, Suzanne (2020) The experiences of individuals with cervical spinal cord injury and their family during post-injury care in non-specialised and specialised units in UK. BMC Health Services Research, 20, p. 783. ISSN (online) 1472-6963

McRae, Jackie, Smith, Christina, Beeke, Suzanne and Emmanuel, Anton (2019) Oropharyngeal dysphagia management in cervical spinal cord injury patients : an exploratory survey of variations to care across specialised and non-specialised units. Spinal Cord Series and Cases, 5, p. 31. ISSN (online) 2058-6124

McRae, Jackie (2018) The role of speech and language therapy in critical care. ICU Management & Practice, 18(2), pp. 128-131.

Book Section

McRae, Jackie, Ginnelly, Aeron, Newman, Helen, Clunie, Gemma and Viviers, Mari (2020) The power of communication. In: Boulanger, Carole and McWilliams, David, (eds.) Passport to successful ICU discharge. Cham, Switzerland : Springer Nature. pp. 101-116. ISBN 9783030389154


McRae, Jacqueline (2018) Dysphagia following acute cervical spinal cord injury (DAISY) : identification of current practice and development of a swallow screening tool. (PhD thesis), University College London, .

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Professional practice, knowledge exchange and impact

As an expert Speech and Language Therapist working in secondary care, I support a range of allied health professionals in optimising their practice through systematic problem-solving and decision frameworks.  

Professional and scholarly affiliations

  • RCSLT Expert Panel and Clinical Adviser
  • RCSLT Research Champion

Leadership and management

I provide supervision and guidance for staff who are undertaking research, whilst supporting grant applications and academic writing to achieve successful publication.

Qualifications and expertise

  • Certificate in First Line Management

University responsibilities

  • Director of Research

Public and CIVIC roles

  • Member of St George's Charity Arts Advisory Group

Social media