Dr Peter Woodford


I studied Philosophy and Religious Studies at the University of Pennsylvania before going to Stanford University for a Ph.D. in Modern Western Philosophy, Ethics, and Religious Thought.  My Ph.D. research focused mostly on Post-Kantian German philosophy, in particular on philosophical debates around the concept of life and its role in ethical theory and the philosophy of religion.  Between 2014-2017, I completed a post-doc at the University of Cambridge on philosophy of biology, focusing on issues raised by contemporary theories of social evolution and evolutionary approaches to human behaviour.  Between 2018-2019, I  was an Assistant Professor in Philosophy and Religious Studies at Union College, NY.  I joined the Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy as a Lecturer in late 2019.

Academic responsibilities



  • B.A., University of Pennsylvania
  • Ph.D., Stanford University

Teaching and learning


My research engages with a variety of topics at the intersection of philosophy, evolutionary biology, and the study of religion.  Previously, I worked on the philosophical reception of Darwin by late-19th Neo-Kantians and so-called Lebensphilosophen in Germany, and in particular on the relation between conceptions of life and theories of value.  My recent work has turned to debates between philosophers, scholars of religion, and evolutionary theorists surrounding the evolution of culture, and in particular of ethical values like altruism.  I have also collaborated with scientists on topics that intersect the sciences and philosophy such as animal ethics, animal agency, and the differences between humans and other animals.  My current research critically engages with scientific work on the evolution of religion, and I am also currently a co-PI with a primatologist on a project aimed at investigating the nature of primate social consciousness.


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