Dr Zigeng Fang


I am the Lecturer in Building Information Modelling and Management at the Department of Civil Engineering, Surveying and Construction Management at Kingston University. Prior to joining Kingston University London in February 2023, I was a research fellow in Digital Building Twins for the COGITO project under the Horizon Europe Programme in the Institute for Environmental Design and Engineering, University College London (UCL). Before I passed my PhD VIVA in March 2022 (Bartlett School of Sustainable Construction, UCL), I worked temporarily as a research assistant under a series of research projects funded by the University College London Center for Blockchain Technologies and the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE). I also hold an MRes in Architectural Computation (Distinction), an MSc in Facility and Environment Management from UCL, and a BEng in Building Service Engineering from the University of Hong Kong. Along with my research experience, I also previously shouldered the data analyst/scientist role in the Strategic Asset Management Team of the Vercity Social Infrastructure and the data scientist role in the Asseticom during my PhD.

Academic responsibilities

Lecturer in Building Information Modelling and Management


There are three major research interests that I am currently focused on: Smart, Shareable, and Sustainable. For the smart aspect, I aim to materialise the digitalisation benefits of the construction industry through using of a series of potential tools and technologies (e.g., Machine Learning, Digital Twins, Building Information Modeling, etc.) of the digital construction and asset management for fulfilling the requirement of industry 4.0. For the shareable aspect, my goal is to connect the isolated "data islands" of different construction projects by solving the interoperability, standardisation, and quality control issues to promote knowledge transfer and portfolio-based built asset information management. For the sustainable aspect, I aim to develop a smarter or digitalised continuous way of managing the carbon footprint of buildings and infrastructure.

Qualifications and expertise

  • PhD in Machine Learning Integrated Portfolio-based Strategic Building Asset Management, University College London, UK
  • MRes in Architectural Computation, University College London, UK
  • MSc Facility & Environment Management, University College London, UK
  • BEng Mechanical Engineering - Building Services Engineering, the University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong