Miss Claire Undy


I am an artist and curator, joining Kingston University as a lecturer in 2016. My work is largely performance-based, often taking the form of video, gifs, photography, book-making or installations. The politics of art distribution and ownership influences my production, and I often make work that is designed to be distributed cheaply or given away. I have exhibited in numerous group exhibitions at galleries including Charlie Smith, Five Years, WW Gallery, Transition and Gallery North.

I have been running the curatorial project Skelf since 2016- a virtual project space and platform for art writing on the website www.skelf.org.uk. This has been funded by the Arts Council since 2018 and currently runs a programme of quarterly group exhibitions with different curators with an accompanying podcast. In 2018 I was an associate artists on the Tate Teaching & Learning Summer School.

Academic responsibilities

Senior Lecturer, Pathway Leader Fine Art - Foundation Diploma in Art, Design and Media Practice


  • Postgraduate Diploma - Royal Academy Schools London
  • BA Fine Art (Painting) - Wimbledon College of Art, London

Teaching and learning


The virtual project space I run, Skelf has curated new exhibitions on a monthly basis since May 2016, working collaboratively with artists to re-imagine their work virtually using web coding and time-based media. Accompanying each exhibition is a new paired text from a contemporary writer or artist working with text- curated to provide a new perspective to each exhibition. In 2016, an article about Skelf was published on Curating the Contemporary, an online magazine of contempoary art and culture. https://curatingthecontemporary.org/2016/10/03/skelf/

For Exchange Project, my 2013 Curatorial Fellowship at APT Gallery, I worked with 33 artists and four writers to explore differing approaches to the exchange between artist and viewer- producing three group exhibitions, a publication and symposium, supported by the Arts Council.

My art work has been featured in the publication 'About Painting' by Transition Editions, in conjunction with Northumbria University. http://www.transitiongallery.co.uk/htmlpages/shop/books/about_painting.htm


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Undy, Claire [Curator] (2018) Metroscope2000® Kids! .

Undy, Claire [Artist] (2018) Coin trick. Swap Edition 3 : Artist as Machine. .

Undy, Claire [Curator] (2018) A Girl with Time. .

Undy, Claire [Curator] (2018) Closed for Season. .

Undy, Claire [Curator] (2018) Digital Alienation. .

Undy, Claire [Curator] (2017) Some, but not all of something. .

Undy, Claire [Artist] and Leslie, Bill [Artist] (2017) and lines present scores to be performed by bodies. .

Undy, Claire [Curator] (2017) Movement of Fear 11. .

Undy, Claire [Curator] (2017) Hold a penny between your finger and thumb. .

Undy, Claire [Curator] (2017) Skelf Art Feast. Art Licks Weekend 2017. .

Undy, Claire [Curator] (2017) Ferntree Gully. .

Undy, Claire [Curator] (2017) Temporary Custodians of Islington Mill. .

Undy, Claire [Curator] (2017) My Laptop is my home, the screen is my view. .

Undy, Claire [Curator] (2017) Shingle Dimple. .

Undy, Claire [Curator] (2017) Museum of Non-Visible Art Biennial 2017. .

Undy, Claire [Curator] (2017) Shadows of Truth. .

Undy, Claire [Curator] (2017) Who/Wer. .

Undy, Claire [Curator] (2017) Fish Fly Through Chinks. .

Undy, Claire [Curator] (2017) Gone. .

Undy, Claire [Curator] (2016) Dada 100⅚. .

Undy, Claire [Curator] (2016) Let Me Hear You Click You Say Yeah No! .

Undy, Claire [Curator] (2016) Demonstrations. .

Undy, Claire [Curator] (2016) This island, and its buildings, is our private paradise. .

Moving Image/Broadcast

Undy, Claire [Artist] (2016) Shoes. (7 min.). ed. 3.

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