Mr Fleeta Chew Siegel


I am a multi-faceted media practitioner who has directed and co-produced a wide range of projects over the past 15 years. Specialising in digital and interactive media and I have recently returned to film/video production. I have extensive experience teaching and working with a variety of digital technologies in performance and design.

A range of my work has travelled across the EU and the USA. Teaching and co-production roles include the University of Westminster; BBCi; WAC Performing Arts and Media College; Hong Kong School of Creative Media; The Harlem School of the Arts; b3Media; Discovery Channel Europe, SpacePlace Studios, NYU Experimental Dance Theatre, UC Irvine, Dashboard Media. 

In 2006 I produced a feature length documentary 'In Search of the Valley' that epitomises the philosophy of innovation, entrepreneurship and production of cultural capital. 

Since 2004, I have been collaborating with the dancer and Associate Professor of Dance, UC Irvine, Dr. Sheron Wray- on the innovative ‘Texterritory' which uses mobile phones and SMS technology to allow interactions between the audience and performer. 

Academic responsibilities

Senior lecturer


  • MPS, NYU, Tisch School of the Arts
  • BFA, University of Michigan
  • AVID
  • PGCE, Kingston University
  • Apple WWDC

Teaching and learning

Undergraduate courses taught


My research focus is on experience design and the ability to establish relationships with technology and performers. Using established technologies like mobile telephony and Customer Relationship Management [CRM] tools, experiences can be established and heightened to foster more invested interactions.

Areas of specialism

  • Experience Design
  • Interactive Telecommunications

Scholarly affiliations

  • University of California, Irvine
  • University of Wisconsin, Madison

Research student supervision


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Moving Image/Broadcast

Chew Siegel, Fleeta [Producer] and O'Hear, Stephen [Director] (2016) In Search of the Valley. (Documentary). DVD.

Chew Siegel, Fleeta [Artist] (2014) Falls. (Video).

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