Mr Ganarupan Satha


I am a qualified Mechanical Engineer with a Licenciate degree from Linköping University in Sweden.  I have extensive experience as stress engineer, having worked as a licentiate researcher for three years where I was responsible for an interdisciplinary project in biomechanical engineering. I also have industrial research experience in the aeronautical and car industries as a stress engineer. I have demonstrable project management and analytical skills, and I am a skilled specialist with advanced skills in finite element analysis and modelling. I am currently working as a Honorary Postdoctoral Fellow at Kingston University.

Academic responsibilities

Honorary Postdoc Fellow


  • Degree of Licentiate of Engineering (Pre-PhD level), Linköping University, Sweden
  • MSc in Mechanical Engineering (equivalent to MEng), Linköping University, Sweden

Teaching and learning

I was teaching undergraduate students in Dynamic and Static Mechanics, and marking examination papers from 2010 to 2014 at Linköping University in Sweden.


Currently I work as Honorary Postdoctoral Fellow at Kingston University in collaboration with Dr Huda Morgan and  Prof Peter Foot, on lightweight biomaterials. My work consists of optimising mechanical properties of light weight biomaterials.

During my licenciate degree I was part of a PhD level research project relating to modelling and simulation of the growth process in blood vessels. As part of the role I also had the following responsibilities:

  • Project management, running simulations and carrying out data analysis.
  • Teaching undergraduate students in Dynamic and Static Mechanics, and marking examination papers.
  •  Presentation of technical findings to different audiences. For example, I have presented my research at the 8th European Solid Mechanics Conference and at the Swedish Mechanics Day.
  • Technical report writing

During my industrial experience at Saab, Sweden in 2014 I was part of called GF-DEMO, which aimed to develop next generation composite structures for civil aircraft. My responsibilities included:

·         Optimisation of composites layup by using the Finite Element Software Hypermesh.

·         Completing stress reports.

·         Obtaining weight reductions of the composite material structure.

·         Proposal of new designs and advising design and manufacturing engineers on the technology.

·         Project meeting with design engineers and manufacturing experts to communicate the results obtained.

·         I gained project management skills, and experience of working as part of a team.

Areas of specialism

  • Structural optimisation
  • Engineering mechanics
  • Biomechanics
  • Light weight materials