Mr Michael Badu


I am an architect with many years of experience in practice having worked across many sectors and roles, from education to conservation and from running my own practice (where I specialised in the design of mosques) to managing other architects and consultants as project manager.

It is perhaps this varied experience that has engendered an understanding of the ways in which architects and designers engage and interact with contemporary cultures of production (characterised as they are by the mature post-industrial moment in which we find ourselves) in order to make the built environment.  This varied experience and the kind of understanding it has engendered, has also afforded me a certain critical viewpoint with respect to my profession which has found voice in my writing, (consisting of building studies, book reviews and other polemical/critical pieces) and my teaching.

I'm currently pursuing a PhD at London Metropolitan University (supervised by Nicholas Temple, Mary Vaughn Johnson and Matthew Barac) which is concerned with architect/client/muse relationship that persisted between architects Adolf Loos and the dancer/entertainer Josephine Baker in interwar Paris.

Academic responsibilities



  • BA Architecture (Sheffield)
  • PG Dip Architecture (LSBU)
  • Part 3 (Cambridge)

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