Mr Theo Tan


The majority of my practice deals with understanding traditional craft techniques to the point at which I am able to mis-use and reappropriate them. These investigations range from leathercraft, ceramics, precious metals and more, with the projects being pushed further with the use of computer aided design and manufacture. Digital techniques feature in my work through both input (scanning spatial data) and output (CNC).

I co-lead the 3D pathway on Foundation with Dom Johnson where we teach the exploration of ideas, feelings, form and function through the made-thing - the physical environment and the objects within it. We respond to a brief, question or problem through design. We consider audience, context, narrative and material and propose rational and/or speculative solutions. Ultimately, we look at the world in three dimensional terms - objects, spaces and people.

Academic responsibilities



  • BSc Architecture (ARB/RIBA Part 1)