Ms Constance Gnanasagaran


Hello there,

I am a Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering in the School of Engineering and the Environment at Roehampton Vale. I joined Kingston University in September 2021. Prior to that I was teaching in Guildford College UK for 5 years. Before moving into UK in 2015, I spent over 7 years in various universities in Malaysia (Inti International University, Nilai University and Tenaga Nasional University) teaching Mechanical Engineering, primarily for undergraduates. 

My area of expertise are Materials, Mechanics, Structures and Project Management. Currently at Kingston University I teach modules involving these areas at all levels of study from Level 3 up to MSc. 

I am very passionate about my research and ongoing work in the area of Tissue Engineering (Biomaterials). I have few ongoing projects and research on generation of tissue engineering scaffolds, calcination & study of animal bones and rapid prototyping (3D printing) of implantable materials particularly for Dental applications. I also have some collaborative work experience with the Tissue Engineering Centre in Malaysian National University Medical Centre (UKMMC).  During my consultancy period with UKMMC, I had the opportunity to work with cell culture procedures, surgical implantation of artificial bone graft into sheep femur and biocompatibility & mechanical strength evaluation of these. One of my eureka moment in research is when I got the chance to participate in animal surgeries involving bone grafts and have developed a profound passion in this scope of study since. 

I am also a member of the Women in Engineering Society, UK.

Academic responsibilities

Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering


  • MSc Mechanical Engineering (Uniten, Malaysia)
  • Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (Hons.) (Uniten, Malaysia)
  • FHEA

Teaching and learning

I teach Mechanics of Materials, Engineering Materials, Selection and Application of Materials, Project Management, Mechanical Design Processes, Sustainability and Entrepreneurship.

Qualifications and expertise

  • Materials Engineering
  • Biomaterials
  • Mechanics of Materials
  • Manufacturing
  • Project Management
  • Sustainability

Undergraduate courses taught

Postgraduate courses taught


Dental Materials


Tissue Engineering

Qualifications and expertise

  • MSc Mechanical Engineering in Engineering Ceramics
  • Biomaterials

Business, knowledge transfer and international

One of the most powerful models of learning in my opinion is the Bloom's Taxonomy. This is particularly useful as my teaching styles involves a lot of problem based approach. I deliver this through group discussions, projects, research works and debates to name a few. I usually collect work samples from the workshops, especially the faulty ones as a teaching resource. Using the Bloom's Taxonomy as a reference, I always start the teaching process with a basic question, which may relate to the recent topics that I would have covered in a lesson. From there, I will try and scaffold the learners to a more deeper learning, covering each stage of the taxonomy. This allows all my learners to engage in the lesson more effectively as active discussions are always something that learners can anticipate in my classroom. This encourages surface learners to dig a little deeper into a topic, and the higher level learners to challenge themselves even more. Bloom's Taxonomy have proved time and time again that it encourages creative thinking to encourage innovation amongst the learners, especially those who are about to graduate. It hinders learners from being in complacency with what they already know and helps them to keep weaving through the knowledge to a stage of continuous learning and improvement. This attitude is extremely important for engineering graduates and it is one of the most valued attribute by the industry as well.

Qualifications and PROFESSIONAL expertise

  • Level 5 C&G Diploma in Education and Training

Areas of interest

  • Research
  • Teaching & Learning

Industry links

  • UKM Malaysia

Professional practice, knowledge exchange and impact

Qualifications and expertise

  • Level 5 In Education and Training (C&G)

Professional and scholarly affiliations

  • IMechE

Leadership and management

I am currently working on my CEng Qualification and FHEA

Qualifications and expertise

  • Working towards CEng
  • FHEA

Public and CIVIC roles

  • None