Ms Theresa Nash-Patel


I am an Associate Professor in Nursing and the Founder of the Heritage2Health(H2H) Buddy Scheme. The scheme enables student nurses, and student teachers to Buddy with young people with learning disabilities to undertake drama and therapeutic  projects and host community 'get connected' days in heritage spaces.  H2H Buddy Project ' Nana Xmas' exploring the life of a student nurse from the 1950s won the Student Nursing Times 2019 Teaching Innovation of the Year Award for the impact on pupils, students and practice. Since the pandemic we are working with stakeholders to create virtual projects, supported by an accessibleAPP.  My passion is to enable students to gain the relational abilities to attune to, advocate and activate for health services that are accessible to all, through working with creative sector.  I have a background in public health nursing, education innovation,  adolescent research , primary care service development, and social entrepreneurship.   I teach across a range of undergraduate programmes, support the inclusion of nursing in multidisciplinary Hackathons ( with animation and computing students).  I am an Associate Fellow and member of the Royal Society of Medicine General Practice with Primary Care Council.   I have authored three children's plays, and am due to publish my first children's book in partnership with young people with profound disabilities, student nurses and our H2H team.  I am a founder member of The Collective - which supports the sharing of emerging contemporary artists/art in the home.

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Associate Professor Nursing

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Whilst I have a background in undertaking adolescent research  my most recent collaborative research was the Heritage Lottery Fighting For Our Rights Project  which collected and shared the oral histories of the Disabled Activist from 1950-1990 in Kingston (

Currently my focus is understanding  the impact of the Heritage2Health Buddy Scheme for all stakeholders and expanding this programme collaboratively to other university-communities in the UK.  Through this work I am  exploring the philosophical underpinning of professionalism as a relational concept in order to better prepare the becoming  nurse for the uncertainties of practice. 


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Book Section

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Conference or Workshop Item

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