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Professor Anne Rowe

Emeritus Research Fellow


I established the Centre for Iris Murdoch Studies and the Iris Murdoch Archive Project at Kingston University in 2004 and spearheaded funding campaigns to build a world-class resource for researchers on Iris Murdoch's philosophy and fiction. I was Director of the Iris Murdoch Society (1995-2016) and Lead Editor of the Iris Murdoch Review (2008-2016). I have published widely on  Iris Murdoch's novels - my books include Writers and Their Work: Iris Murdoch (Liverpool University Press, forthcoming  2019); Iris Murdoch: A Literary life (with Priscilla Martin, 2010) and The Visual Arts and the Novels of Iris Murdoch (2002). I taught Iris Murdoch's novels to undergraduate and postgraduate students at Kingston University for over twenty-five years and am currently a Visiting Professor with the Iris Murdoch Research Centre at the University of Chichester. I continue lecturing and publishing on Iris Murdoch's life and work. 

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