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Professor Sacha Raoult

Associate Professor of Criminology


I have been researching a wide array of issues in criminal justice and punishment, using various methods, with the general aim of understanding punishment practices and their rationales. My approach of penal questions is critical, public, reflexive and non-instrumental.

The question I am focusing on right now is self-harm. What exactly is a 'crime against one's self'? Why are those crimes commited? What are the different interpretations/meanings given to them? Why do we punish some of them in a liberal paradigm? In particular, I want to understand the archetypal structures of such crimes and how those structures relate to the moral judgments placed on them.

Areas of specialism

  • Criminal Justice and Punishment
  • Crimes against the Self
  • Academic Heresy
  • Fear

Courses taught



  • 2010 - PhD in private law and criminal sciences
  • 2014 - Research Habiliation in private law and criminal sciences
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