Academic staff in the Faculty of Health, Social Care and Education

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Simon Abbott

Dr Simon Abbott

Senior Lecturer. Course Leader Master of Social Work and Post Graduate Diploma in Social Work.

Suzanne Achilleos

Mrs Suzanne Achilleos

Senior Lecturer Midwifery

Farrukh Akhtar

Farrukh Akhtar

Course Leader: BA in Social Work

James Alexander

Mr James Alexander

Senior Lecturer in Rehabilitation Sciences

Michael Allen

Dr Michael Allen

Associate Professor

Anne Ambridge

Mrs Anne Ambridge

Course Lead BSc Nursing

Rebecca Anderson

Dr Rebecca Anderson

Research Associate

Lorna Ashbrooke

Mrs Lorna Ashbrooke

Senior Lecturer (child)

Sally Aucken

Mrs Sally Aucken

Senior Lecturer simulated learning and clinical skills

Adwoa Ayensu

Mrs Adwoa Ayensu

Senior Lecturer in Primary Health Care/Community Nursing

Ingrid Bacon

Dr Ingrid Bacon

Director of Research, Senior Lecturer Mental Health

Chris Baker

Mr Chris Baker

Head of Department of Paramedic Science

Louise Barrett

Miss Louise Barrett

Childrens Nursing Lecturer

Duncan Barron

Mr Duncan Barron

Patient & Public Involvement (PPI) Lead

Lindsay Bearne

Professor Lindsay Bearne

Professor of Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation

Alex Beckey

Mr Alex Beckey

Senior Lecturer in Education

Carmel Blackie

Ms Carmel Blackie

Associate Professor PHC

Kathy Bor

Ms Kathy Bor

Senior Lecturer, Primary Art Education

Dermot Brady

Dermot Brady

Senior Lecturer

Mary Brady

Ms Mary Brady

Senior Lecturer

Maria Brent

Maria Brent

Course Leader of Post Qualifying Programmes & Senior Lecturer.

Mark Brown

Dr Mark Brown

Senior Lecturer

Christine Budhan-Mills

Mrs Christine Budhan-Mills

Senior Lecturer in Education - Mentoring Lead for ITT Trainees

Paul Burke

Paul Burke

Senior Lecturer

Jasmine Burnett

Ms Jasmine Burnett

Lecturer Practice Placements - Nursing Associates

Melania Calestani

Dr Melania Calestani

Senior Lecturer (Research) Medical Anthropologist

Michelle Carter

Dr Michelle Carter

Associate Professor Adult Nursing

Mary Chambers

Professor Mary Chambers

Professor Mental Health Nursing/Director Centre for Public Engagement

Usha Chandran

Ms Usha Chandran


Yogini Chokeepermal-Naidu

Ms Yogini Chokeepermal-Naidu

Associate Professor in Adult Nursing

Zoe Clark

Mrs Zoe Clark

Senior Lecturer Children's Nursing

Dr Andrea Cockett

Deputy Head of School Nursing

Kirstie Coxon

Dr Kirstie Coxon

Associate Professor

Sophie Craven

Miss Sophie Craven

Senior Lecturer Learning Disability Nursing

Dan Creton

Mr Dan Creton

MSc Advanced Clinical Practice Course Director & Senior Lecturer in Pre-Hospital Care

Jane Cronin-Davis

Dr Jane Cronin-Davis

Associate Professor - Occupational Therapy, Deputy Dean for Students

Katherine Curtis

Professor Katherine Curtis

Associate Dean External Engagement

Laurie Dahl

Mr Laurie Dahl

Senior Lecturer in Mental Health

Adam Davis

Mr Adam Davis

Senior Lecturer & Inter-agency lead

Anthony Dennis

Mr Anthony Dennis

Associate Professor

Carol Dicken

Carol Dicken

Associate Professor/ Department Strategic Lead for Practice Education

John Docherty

Mr John Docherty

Senior Lecturer in Adult Nursing

Antje Dragoni

Ms Antje Dragoni

Senior Lecturer & Course Leader

Vari M Drennan MBE

Professor Vari M Drennan MBE

Professor of Health Care & Policy Research

Jane Dundas

Ms Jane Dundas

Senior Lecturer Clinical Leadership and Management

Karen Elcock

Mrs Karen Elcock

Head of Programmes: Pre-registration Nursing / Deputy Head of School

Karen Elliott

Miss Karen Elliott

Senior Lecturer Simulation & Clinical Skills & MSc Nursing Course Lead

Yvalia Febrer

Yvalia Febrer

Course Leader, Senior Lecturer, Student Voice Lead (Education, Midwifery & Social Work)

Angie Firmin

Ms Angie Firmin

Senior Lecturer in Education

Natalie Fitz-Costa

Miss Natalie Fitz-Costa

Lecturer in Child Nursing

Jade Fleet

Senior Lecturer

Simon Fletcher

Dr Simon Fletcher

Honorary Researcher

Jane Forman

Ms Jane Forman

Senior Lecturer in Midwifery

Judith Francois

Ms Judith Francois

Associate Dean for Access and Participation. Admissions Tutor Nursing Associate Foundation Degree.

Julia Gale

Dr Julia Gale

Head of School of Nursing

Lucia Gavalova

Ms Lucia Gavalova

PHECG2 Study Project Manager

Lindsay Gillman

Dr Lindsay Gillman

School Director Learning & Teaching

Joanne Gregory

Ms Joanne Gregory

Director/Associate Professor, Learning & Teaching

Clare Grey

Mrs Clare Grey

Senior Lecturer

Trish Griffin

Ms Trish Griffin

Associate Professor and Professional Lead for Learning Disability Nursing

Catharine Grob

Miss Catharine Grob

Senior Lecturer in Children's Nursing

Caroline Guard

Caroline Guard

Senior Lecturer in Early Years Education

Satu Hakala

Ms Satu Hakala

Senior Lecturer Simulated Learning and Clinical Skills

Mary Halter

Dr Mary Halter

Associate Professor Emergency Cardiovascular and Critical Care Research

Declan Hamblin

Declan Hamblin

Senior Lecturer

John Hammond

Dr John Hammond

Associate Professor

Kevin Hannigan

Mr Kevin Hannigan

Academic Support Lecturer

Deborah Harding

Dr Deborah Harding

Associate Professor

Julie Hendry

Ms Julie Hendry

Associate Dean for Student Outcomes. Associate Professor. Course Director Therapeutic Radiography.

Mary Hodson

Mary Hodson

Senior lecturer

Rick Hood

Professor Rick Hood

Professor of Social Work

Louise Howard

Mrs Louise Howard

Associate Professor Mental Health Nursing

Kim Hunt

Mrs Kim Hunt

Hourly paid Lecturer - Nursing Skills team

Michael Hurley

Professor Michael Hurley

Professor of Rehabilitation Sciences

Francina Hyatt

Mrs Francina Hyatt

Senior Lecturer/Practitioner

Jessica Inch

Miss Jessica Inch

Senior Lecturer for Practice Learning

Marcus Jackson

Dr Marcus Jackson

Head of Department (Radiography) & Associate Dean (Student Experience)

Claire Jackson

Mrs Claire Jackson

Senior Lecturer in Education; PGCE Primary (with QTS) Course Leader

Hazel Joannides

Mrs Hazel Joannides

Course Leader and Senior Lecturer in Secondary Education (English)

Fiona Jones

Professor Fiona Jones

Professor of Rehabilitation research

Ray Jones

Professor Ray Jones

Emeritus Professor of Social Work

Paul Joyce

Mr Paul Joyce

Senior Lecturer in Simulation & Educational Technology

Martyn Keen

Mr Martyn Keen

Senior Lecturer in Mental Health Nursing

Miss Heather Kincaid

Senior Lecturer for Critical Care

Krisztina Kis

Krisztina Kis

Sub-Regional Assessor

Su Kler

Ms Su Kler

Senior Lecturer in Mathematics Education

Stefan Tino Kulnik

Dr Stefan Tino Kulnik

Honorary Reseach Fellow

Paula Lamb

Mrs Paula Lamb

Senior Lecturer

Fiona Leggat

Dr Fiona Leggat

Research Associate

Jane Lindsay

Professor Jane Lindsay

Associate Dean Learning & Teaching

Lucie Llewellyn

Mrs Lucie Llewellyn

Associate Professor (Nursing)

Ms Lana Lowrey

Senior Lecturer Radiotherapy

Daryl Maisey

Dr Daryl Maisey

Associate Professor

Yasmeen Malik

Ms Yasmeen Malik

Course Director & Senior Lecturer

Kathleen Mangahis

Miss Kathleen Mangahis

Senior Lecturer / Pathway Leader

Niina Manninen

Dr Niina Manninen

Senior Lecturer in Social Work

Hazel Marian

Ms Hazel Marian

Professional Lead for Early Years Curriculum Development and Partnerships

Emily Marron

Mrs Emily Marron

Senior Lecturer in simulated learning and clinical skills

Suzie Martin

Miss Suzie Martin

Senior Lecturer in Adult Nursing

Lydia Maskery

Miss Lydia Maskery

Senior Lecturer in Paramedic Education

Jane Mathew-Byrne

Mrs Jane Mathew-Byrne

Practice Education Lead, Social Work

Claire Mckellow

Mrs Claire Mckellow

Senior Lecturer in Midwifery

Joanne McKibbin

Joanne McKibbin

School Head of Department

Jackie McRae

Dr Jackie McRae

School Director Research & Enterprise

Gill Mein

Gill Mein

Senior lecturer in Health and Wellbeing

Banna Millar

Banna Millar

Senior Lecturer in Education: Undergraduate Teacher Education Lead

Maria Milner

Miss Maria Milner

Child Nurse Lecturer

Vanida Lutchimee Moonsamy

Mrs Vanida Lutchimee Moonsamy

Lecturer in Simulated Learning and Clinical Skills

Matthew Moore

Mr Matthew Moore

Senior Lecturer-Nursing Associates

Wilson Muleya

Dr Wilson Muleya

School Head of Department

Raj Mungur

Mr Raj Mungur

Senior Lecturer

Naomi Murphy

Miss Naomi Murphy

Senior Lecturer Paramedic Practice

Theresa Nash-Patel

Ms Theresa Nash-Patel

Associate Professor Nursing

Sophie Newcombe

Mrs Sophie Newcombe

Senior Lecturer in simulated learning and clinical skills

Dimitra Nikoletou

Dr Dimitra Nikoletou

Associate Professor

David Nilsson

Dr David Nilsson

Associate Professor

Ann Ooms

Professor Ann Ooms

Professor of Higher Education Research

Kris Paget

Ms Kris Paget

Senior Lecturer (Adult Nursing): Admissions, Recruitment and Outreach Tutor

Paty Paliokosta

Dr Paty Paliokosta

Associate Professor in Inclusive Education. FHSCE Personal Tutor Scheme Lead.

Simon Parry

Mr Simon Parry

Senior Lecturer in Science Education

Katie Pavoni

Miss Katie Pavoni

Course Director / Senior Lecturer in Pre-Hospital Care / Pastoral Lead

Gillian Pedley

Dr Gillian Pedley

Associate Professor / Director, Workforce Development

Mrs Marva Pickersgill-Mckenzie

Sub-Regional Assessor (PE, MSW, BA (Hons) Social Work Integrated Degree Apprenticeship

Joanne Powell

Mrs Joanne Powell

Senior Lecturer in Adult and Community Nursing

Jayne Price

Professor Jayne Price

Professor of Children's Nursing

Amit Puni

Mr Amit Puni

Senior Lecturer in Education

Sarah Purdy

Sarah Purdy

Associate Professor

Tom Quinn

Professor Tom Quinn

Emeritus Professor of Cardiovascular Nursing

Michelle Radcliffe

Michelle Radcliffe

Senior Lecturer in Mental Health Nursing

Hazel Ransome

Hazel Ransome

Senior Lecturer, Midwifery; Examination & Assessments Tutor

David Rees

Mr David Rees

Senior Lecturer in Rehabilitation Sciences

Alan Rice

Mr Alan Rice

Associate Professor

Sally Richardson

Mrs Sally Richardson

Associate Professor – Simulated Learning and Clinical Skills

Sarah Roberts-Lewis

Sarah Roberts-Lewis

Research Associate

Martin Rooke

Dr Martin Rooke

Research Associate

Fiona Ross

Professor Fiona Ross

Emerita Professor of Health and Social Care

Marina Russ

Mrs Marina Russ

Senior Lecturer in Learning Disability Nursing

Barry Ryan

Barry Ryan

Senior Lecturer in Adult Nursing

Nicola Ryan

Ms Nicola Ryan

Senior Lecturer Mental Health Nursing

Siby Sikhamoni

Mrs Siby Sikhamoni

Senior Lecturer in Intensive Care and Acute Care Nursing

Clive Simmons

Mr Clive Simmons

Senior Lecturer in Social Work

Georgina Sims

Mrs Georgina Sims

School Head of Department

Adam Smith

Mr Adam Smith

Senior Lecturer in Paramedic Education

Claire Smitheram

Ms Claire Smitheram

Senior Lecturer Emergency Care, Course Director BSc Healthcare Practice

Susan Strong

Susan Strong

Senior Lecturer

Theodora Stroumpouki

Dr Theodora Stroumpouki

Senior Lecturer in Adult Nursing

Helen Sutherland

Miss Helen Sutherland

Senior Lecturer in Early Years

Kate Sutherland

Ms Kate Sutherland

Senior Lecturer in Midwifery

Francesca Taylor

Francesca Taylor

Research Project Manager and Research Associate

Maxine Thompson

Maxine Thompson

Sub-Regional Assessor

Di Thomson

Dr Di Thomson

Honorary Lecturer

Colm Treacy

Mr Colm Treacy

Senior Lecturer (Acute Care)

Irene Tuffrey-Wijne

Professor Irene Tuffrey-Wijne

Professor of Intellectual Disability and Palliative Care

Gordon Turpie

Mr Gordon Turpie

Hourly Paid Lecturer

Mari Jo Valentine

Ms Mari Jo Valentine

Head of Department of Teacher Education

Tushna Vandrevala

Professor Tushna Vandrevala

Professor of Health Psychology

Rodnick Vassallo

Mr Rodnick Vassallo

Senior Lecturer Diagnostic Radiography

Chao Wang

Dr Chao Wang

Senior Lecturer in Health & Social Care Statistic

Susan Watson

Ms Susan Watson

Associate Professor

Nicola Watts

Mrs Nicola Watts

Lecturer - Adult Nursing

Andrew Williamson

Mr Andrew Williamson

Senior Lecturer Paramedic Science, Quality and Assessments Lead Tutor

Ruth Wood

Dr Ruth Wood

Associate Professor

Sue Woodcock

Ms Sue Woodcock

Senior Lecturer, Adult Health Care

Tina Woodford

Mrs Tina Woodford

Senior Lecturer Midwifery

Stephen Wybourn

Mr Stephen Wybourn

Senior lecturer - Mental Health Nursing

Aisha Yawawa

Miss Aisha Yawawa

Senior Lecturer in Adult Nursing

Ahmed Younis

Dr Ahmed Younis

School Director Learning & Teaching

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