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Academic staff in the Faculty of Science, Engineering and Computing

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Ali Athab Al-kinani

Dr Ali Athab Al-kinani

Senior Lecturer in Clinical Pharmaceutics

Raid Alany

Professor Raid Alany

Chair in Pharmaceutical Formulation and Drug Delivery

Fawaz Aldabbagh

Professor Fawaz Aldabbagh

Chair of Medicinal / Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Graham Alsop

Mr Graham Alsop

Associate professor

Vasilis Argyriou

Dr Vasilis Argyriou

Associate professor

Francesca Arrigoni

Dr Francesca Arrigoni

Senior Lecturer Physiology/Pharmacology

Hossein Ashrafi

Dr Hossein Ashrafi

Associate professor in Pathology/Cancer Biology

Nigel Atkins

Dr Nigel Atkins

Associate professor

Andy Augousti

Professor Andy Augousti

Professor of Applied Physics and Instrumentation

James Barker

Dr James Barker

Associate professor (Reader in Analytical Science)

Nabajeet Barman

Mr Nabajeet Barman

Research Associate

Sarah Barman

Professor Sarah Barman

Professor of Computer Vision

Pedro Barra

Dr Pedro Barra

Associate Professor in Nutrition

Dr Peter Barrington

School Head of Department

Stephen Barton

Dr Stephen Barton

Associate professor

Ian Beadham

Dr Ian Beadham

Lecturer in Organic Chemistry

Douglas Brown

Dr Douglas Brown

Senior lecturer in Geographic Information Systems and Human Geography

Dr Kerry Brown

Senior lecturer

Vesna Brujic-Okretic

Professor Vesna Brujic-Okretic

Head of School of Computer Science and Mathematics

Rosa Busquets

Dr Rosa Busquets

Senior lecturer in Analytical and Forensic Chemistry

Samuel Callaghan

Dr Samuel Callaghan

Lecture of Sports Biomechanics

Mark Carew

Dr Mark Carew

Associate Professor in Physiology and Pharmacology

Islam Choudhury

Dr Islam Choudhury

Associate professor

Dr Charles Clarke

Lecturer in Cyber Security

Dr Karen Clarke

Senior lecturer with Special Responsibility for Foundation Year students

Tracey Coates

Dr Tracey Coates

Senior lecturer in Human Geography

Richard Cook

Dr Richard Cook

School Head of Department

Philip Crilly

Mr Philip Crilly

Community pharmacist and Pharmacy Teaching Fellow

Doni Daniel

Dr Doni Daniel

Senior lecturer in Aircraft Structure and Materials

Cliff Dansoh

Dr Cliff Dansoh

Senior lecturer - Renewable Energy Engineering

Jenny Davey

Ms Jenny Davey

FMSP Area Coordinator

Jamshid Dehmeshki

Professor Jamshid Dehmeshki

Professor of Medical Image Computing and Image Analysis

Siaka Dembele

Dr Siaka Dembele

Associate professor

James Denholm-Price

Dr James Denholm-Price

Associate Professor and School Director of Learning and Teaching

Dr Christopher Doll

Lecturer in Sustainable Development Geography

Dr Ted Donchev

Associate professor

Professor Mehmet Tevfik Dorak

Head of School of Life Sciences, Pharmacy and Chemistry

Stuart Downward

Dr Stuart Downward

AP Geography and Environment / LTEC-SEC-Canvas

Dr Olga Duran

Senior lecturer

Alan Dykes

Dr Alan Dykes

Associate Professor in Engineering Geology

Dave Edmondson

Dr Dave Edmondson

Course Director MSc Technology (Maritime Operations)

Amr ElShaer

Dr Amr ElShaer

Senior lecturer in pharmaceutics

Mark Fielder

Professor Mark Fielder

Professor of Medical Microbiology

John Fletcher

Dr John Fletcher

Senior Lecturer in Pharmaceutics

Jarek Francik

Dr Jarek Francik

Senior Lecturer in Games Development and Design

Terry Gaymes

Dr Terry Gaymes

Senior lecturer in Haematology and Immunology

Costas Georgopoulos

Professor Costas Georgopoulos

Chair in Structural Engineering Practice

Simon Gould

Dr Simon Gould

Senior lecturer

Darrel Greenhill

Dr Darrel Greenhill

Head of Department / Associate Professor

Andreas Hahn

Dr Andreas Hahn

Lecturer in Geology

Carl Hall

Dr Carl Hall

Senior lecturer in Analytical and Forensic Science

George Haritos

Professor George Haritos

Head of School of Engineering and the Environment

Nicola Harrap

Mrs Nicola Harrap

Pharmacy Teaching Fellow

Ali Heidari

Dr Ali Heidari

Course leader and senior lecturer

Natasha Hill

Dr Natasha Hill

Associate professor

Peter Hooda

Dr Peter Hooda

Associate professor

Dr Gordon Hunter

Senior lecturer in Mathematics and Computing

Joan Jarman

Dr Joan Jarman

Senior lecturer; Course director BSc Pharmacology

Ian Jarvis

Professor Ian Jarvis

Professor of Geochemistry

Dr Mark Jones

Senior lecturer

Graeme Jones

Professor Graeme Jones

Head of Department of Computer Science

Beryl Jones

Dr Beryl Jones

Associate Professor

Andrey Karlyshev

Professor Andrey Karlyshev

Professor of Microbiology

Reem Kayyali

Professor Reem Kayyali

School Head of Department

Alison Kelly

Dr Alison Kelly

Associate professor in Microbiology

Hsein Kew

Dr Hsein Kew

Associate professor

Payam Khazaeinejad

Dr Payam Khazaeinejad

Lecturer in Solid Mechanics

Said Khelwatty

Dr Said Khelwatty

Lecturer in Pathobiology & Cancer Biology

Mouhamad Khoder

Dr Mouhamad Khoder

Lecturer in Clinical Pharmaceutics

David Kidd

Dr David Kidd

Senior lecturer

Ruth Kirk

Dr Ruth Kirk

Associate professor

Adam Le Gresley

Dr Adam Le Gresley

School Director of Research and Enterprise

Dr Yujing Lin

Senior lecturer in Aerospace Engineering

Dr Sing Lo

Senior Lecturer

Simon Loftus

Mr Simon Loftus

Lecturer in Sports Coaching

Dr Andy Lung

Associate professor

Francesca Mackenzie

Dr Francesca Mackenzie

Lecturer in Physiology and Pharmacology

Dimitrios Makris

Professor Dimitrios Makris

Professor in Computer Vision and Machine Learning; Director of PGR Studies

Denis Marchant

Mr Denis Marchant

Associate professor and Director of Academic Quality

Leanne May

Mrs Leanne May

Pharmacy Teaching Fellow

Robert Mellor

Dr Robert Mellor

Associate professor

Ricarda Micallef

Miss Ricarda Micallef

Senior Lecturer in Pharmacy Practice

Helmout Modjtahedi

Professor Helmout Modjtahedi

Professor of Cancer Biology

Hannah Jayne Moir

Dr Hannah Jayne Moir

Senior Lecturer in Health & Exercise Prescription

Huda Morgan

Dr Huda Morgan

Senior lecturer

Hilda Mulrooney

Dr Hilda Mulrooney

Senior Lecturer in Nutrition

Siva Prasad Reddy Muppala

Dr Siva Prasad Reddy Muppala

Senior Lecturer in Thermofluids

Mrs Sarah Murray

Pharmacy Teaching Fellow

Shereen Nabhani-Gebara

Dr Shereen Nabhani-Gebara

Senior Lecturer- Interprofessional Education Lead

Declan Naughton

Professor Declan Naughton

Associate Dean Research & Enterprise

Joshua Omer

Dr Joshua Omer

Senior lecturer

Elizabeth Opara

Dr Elizabeth Opara

Head of the Department of Applied and Human Sciences

Professor James Orwell

Professor of Computer Science

Dr Silvia Padula

Lecturer in Civil Engineering

Nigel Page

Dr Nigel Page

School Director Learning & Teaching

Tina Papadopoulou

Dr Tina Papadopoulou

Associate Professor

Jean-Marie Peron

Dr Jean-Marie Peron

Lecturer in Organic and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Andrea Petroczi

Professor Andrea Petroczi

Professor of Public Health

Nada Philip

Dr Nada Philip

Associate Professor

Christos Politis

Professor Christos Politis

Professor of Wireless Communications, Director of Research Centre

Elena Polycarpou

Dr Elena Polycarpou

Lecturer in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry

Konstantinos Poutos

Dr Konstantinos Poutos

Senior Lecturer in Civil Engineering

Dr Elizabeth Pummell

Senior lecturer Sport and Exercise Psychology

Dr Layla Renshaw

Associate professor

Dr Michelle Richards

Senior Lecturer in Sports Biomechanics

B. Steve Robinson

Dr B. Steve Robinson

Senior lecturer in Clinical Immunology and Course Director

Dr Zainab Saleh

Lecturer in Engineering

Talut Saqi

Talut Saqi

Pharmacy Teaching Fellow

Peter Shaw

Dr Peter Shaw

Senior Lecturer in Astronautics

Dr Terry Sithole

Senior lecturer in Actuarial Science

Lori Snyder

Dr Lori Snyder

Associate professor

Peter Soan

Dr Peter Soan

School Head of Department

Nicola Swann

Dr Nicola Swann

Senior lecturer in Sport and Exercise Biomechanics

Muhammad Arslan Usman

Dr Muhammad Arslan Usman

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Dr Samireh Vahid

Lecturer in Aerospace Engineering

Anil Vangala

Dr Anil Vangala

Senior lecturer in Pharmaceutics

Nigel Walford

Professor Nigel Walford

Professor of Applied GIS

Tony Walker

Professor Tony Walker

Professor of Cell Biology

Paul Waller

Mr Paul Waller

Associate professor in Biomedical Science

Professor Jian Wang

School Director Research & Enterprise

Neil Williams

Dr Neil Williams

Director of Undergraduate Studies - Faculty of Science Engineering and Computing

Penelope Wilson

Dr Penelope Wilson

Lecturer in Earth Sciences & Acting Course Leader for BSc Environmental Hazards and Disaster Management

Dr Stephen Wren

Lecturer in Organic and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Tao Zhang

Professor Tao Zhang

Professor of Materials Engineering

Xianzhi Zhang

Dr Xianzhi Zhang

Senior Lecturer in Design and Manufacture, BSc, MSc, PhD, FHEA, MIET

Yahya Zweiri

Dr Yahya Zweiri

School Director Research & Enterprise


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