Academic staff in the School of Arts, Culture and Communication

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Maria Ahmed

Ms Maria Ahmed

Senior lecturer in journalism

Chiara Alfano

Dr Chiara Alfano

Leverhulme Early Career Fellow

Eric Alliez

Professor Eric Alliez

Professor of Contemporary French Philosophy

Dr Jess Aslan

Lecturer in Music and Music Technology

Mata Ayoub

Miss Mata Ayoub

Senior Lecturer in Media and Communication

Etienne Balibar

Professor Etienne Balibar

Anniversary Chair in Modern European Philosophy

Hannah Ballou

Dr Hannah Ballou

Lecturer in Drama & Theatre Arts

Colette Balmain

Dr Colette Balmain

Senior lecturer in Film and Media

Adam Baron

Dr Adam Baron

Associate Professor

Alison Baverstock

Professor Alison Baverstock

Professor of Publishing and Director of the Kingston University Big Read

Fred Botting

Professor Fred Botting

Professor of English Literature and Creative Writing

Mary Braid

Ms Mary Braid

Senior lecturer in journalism

Beth Brewster

Beth Brewster

School Head of Department

Erica Brown

Erica Brown

Lecturer in Journalism

Dr Fan Carter

Associate Professor

Brian Cathcart

Professor Brian Cathcart

Professor of Journalism

Howard Caygill

Professor Howard Caygill

Professor of Modern European Philosophy

Professor Colin Chambers

Emeritus Professor of Drama

Philip Chambon

Mr Philip Chambon

Senior Lecturer in Music

Martin Dines

Dr Martin Dines

Senior Lecturer in English Literature

Rachel Edmonds

Ms Rachel Edmonds

Lecturer in EAP and Applied Linguistics

Alex Evans

Mr Alex Evans

Senior Lecturer in Music

Mr Jan Goodey

Course Director MA Magazine Journalism

Peter Hallward

Professor Peter Hallward

Professor of Modern European Philosophy

Avril Horner

Professor Avril Horner

Emeritus Professor of English

Sarah Horrod

Dr Sarah Horrod

Senior Lecturer in Applied Linguistics & English for Academic Purposes

Karen Hurley

Ms Karen Hurley

Senior Lecturer English for Academic Purposes

Meg Jensen

Dr Meg Jensen

Professor in English Literature and Creative Writing

Rachael Johnson

Dr Rachael Johnson

Lecturer in History

Julian Joyce

Mr Julian Joyce

Lecturer, Broadcast Journalism

Leah Kardos

Dr Leah Kardos

Senior Lecturer in Music

Marina Lambrou

Dr Marina Lambrou

Associate Professor in English Language and Linguistics

Alex Linghorn

Mr Alex Linghorn

Senior Lecturer in Linguistics and Languages

Marisa Linton

Professor Marisa Linton

Professor Emerita in History

David Linton

Dr David Linton

Senior Lecturer in Drama

Karen A Lipsedge

Dr Karen A Lipsedge

Associate Professor in English Literature

Dr Chun Liu

Lecturer and Module Leader

Caroline Lofthouse

Ms Caroline Lofthouse

Senior Lecturer in Dance

Clare Lovell

Ms Clare Lovell

Senior Lecturer in Journalism

Catherine Malabou

Ms Catherine Malabou

Professor of Philosophy at the CRMEP

Stephen Mason

Mr Stephen Mason

Course Leader: Dance & Senior Lecturer in Dance

Alex McSweeney

Dr Alex McSweeney

Senior Lecturer in Drama

María Mencía

Dr María Mencía

Associate Professor, Course Leader BA Media and Communication

Helen Julia Minors

Dr Helen Julia Minors

School Head of Department of Performing Arts, Associate Professor of Music, University Liaison Officer to Edinburgh College Scotland and SPACE Hong Kong

Celena Monteiro

Dr Celena Monteiro

Senior Lecturer in Dance

Dan Newman

Mr Dan Newman

Hourly Paid Lecturer

Jeremy Nuttall

Dr Jeremy Nuttall

Senior Lecturer in Modern British History

Fiona O'Brien

Miss Fiona O'Brien

Senior lecturer in Journalism

Peter Osborne

Professor Peter Osborne

Director of the Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy

Albert Pellicer

Mr Albert Pellicer

Lecturer in Modern Languages (Spanish)

Daniela Perazzo Domm

Dr Daniela Perazzo Domm

Senior Lecturer in Dance & Postgraduate Research Coordinator for the School of Arts, Culture and Communication

Jason Piper

Mr Jason Piper

Associate Professor of Dance

Landé Pratt

Dr Landé Pratt

Associate Professor

Trish Reid

Professor Trish Reid

Interim Pro Vice-Chancellor (Learning and Teaching)

Jim Reynolds

Dr Jim Reynolds

Senior Lecturer in Drama

Philip Richardson

Mr Philip Richardson

Lecturer Film & TV Production

Ms Rosa Rodriguez-Garrido

Senior Modern language lecturer and Kingston Language Scheme Director

David Rogers

Dr David Rogers

Emeritus Senior Fellow

Stella Sandford

Professor Stella Sandford

Professor of Modern European Philosophy

Clare Somerville

Clare Somerville

Course Leader BA Publishing with English, Lecturer in Publishing

Hannah Sowden

Dr Hannah Sowden

Senior Lecturer in Linguistics

Hager Weslati

Dr Hager Weslati

Course Director MA Media & Communication

Scott Wilson

Professor Scott Wilson

Professor of Media and Communication

Dr Steven Woodbridge

Senior Lecturer in History

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