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Fees and funding

As long as your child has not already achieved an undergraduate degree, and they have been resident in the UK for at least three years prior to the start of the course, they can apply for funding to assist with the cost of doing an undergraduate degree.

Student funding is split into two main parts: funding for tuition fees and funding for maintenance or living costs.

Tuition fee loan

All eligible students are entitled to apply for a tuition fee loan to cover the full cost of tuition fees each year. This loan is paid directly to the University and is not based on household income. It will need to be repaid once your child has left university and is earning more than £25,000 per year.

Find out more about our tuition fees or visit the relevant course pages to find out about tuition fees.

Living costs

Maintenance loan

Your son or daughter can also apply for help towards living costs including rent, food, travel, bills and course costs. All eligible students are entitled to a basic maintenance loan and some students will be entitled to a larger loan depending on the level of your household income.

The total amount of maintenance loan is split into three instalments and paid directly to the student at the beginning of each term. It is really important that the student creates an accurate budget to make sure that all essential living costs can be covered throughout the term.

The rate of loan will differ depending on where your child chooses to live and where they choose to study:

  • Parental rate of loan – your child will receive this rate of loan if they choose to live at home while studying.
  • Elsewhere rate of loan – this rate of loan is payable if your child lives away from home and studies at a university outside of London, or on a Kingston University course taught at a partner college outside of London.
  • London rate of loan – this is payable if you child lives away from home and studies at a London university. Kingston University students would receive this rate of loan.

The tables below provide some guidance as to the level of maintenance loan your child could receive if they plan to start their course in 2019. All figures are per full academic year (with a lower amount being available for the final year of study) and apply to students from England only.

London Rate of Loan

Household income

Amount of maintenance loan (repayable)

Courses starting in 2019/20

Less than £25,000  £11,672
£30,000  £11,020
£35,000  £10,367
£40,000  £9,714
£42,875  £9,339
£45,000  £9,062
£50,000  £8,409
£55,000  £7,756
£60,000  £7,103
£65,000  £6,451
More than £69,888  £5,812

Parental Home Rate of Loan

Household income

Amount of maintenance loan (repayable)

Courses starting in 2019/20
Less than £25,000  £7,529
£30,000  £6,895
£35,000  £6,260
£40,000  £5,626
£42,875  £4,261
£45,000  £4,991
£50,000  £4,357
£55,000  £3,722
More than £58,215   £3,314

Bursaries - 2019 entry

Your son or daughter may also be entitled to apply for a bursary from Kingston University although only a limited number are available. For more information visit the bursaries page. Bursaries are paid direct to the student and do not need to be paid back.

How do the loan repayments work?

Repayments are made via HMRC, and so the money is taken back in the same way that tax is paid. The repayment amounts are based upon earnings, and not upon the amount borrowed (so a student who takes both a tuition fee and a maintenance loan will repay the same monthly amount as a student who takes a maintenance loan only). The Government has recently announced that the income threshold at which repayments start for students from England is being increased to £25,000 from April 2018. The rate of repayment is 9% of whatever is earned over this amount.

A guide to repayments based on earnings:

Level of income Monthly repayment
£25,000 £0
£30,000 £37.50
£35,000 £75
£40,000 £112.50

Repayments are made for a maximum of 30 years and any outstanding amounts after this time will be cancelled.

Interest on the loans

Interest is charged on the loans from the moment that they are taken until they are fully repaid. Find more information on interest rates.

Applying for funding

Tuition fee loan and maintenance loan

Your child will need to submit an application to the relevant funding provider, which will differ depending on where you live:

If you live in: Submit an application to:
England Student Finance England
Wales Student Finance Wales
Scotland Student Awards Agency for Scotland (SAAS)
Northern Ireland Student Finance NI

To ensure that funding is in place before the start of term, applications should be submitted by the end of May in the year that the student is due to start their course. Applications can still be submitted after this date, but there is no guarantee that they will be assessed in time for the start of the course.

Please note: Applications for funding will need to be submitted every year. If you want your child to be assessed for the maximum funding package you will need to confirm your household income and provide evidence of this. Assessments are normally carried out on income earned in the previous tax year. For example, if your child is starting on a course in September 2018, you will need to confirm your household income for the tax year 2016/17. If your income has changed by 15% or more since the previous tax year, you can request a current year income assessment.

Funding advice

The Student Life Advisers at the University provide advice and information on all aspects of student funding, including loans, grants, bursaries, scholarships and welfare benefits, as well as managing on a budget. You can contact them on 020 8417 7312.

The Student Funds team administer and distribute university discretionary funds to students experiencing financial difficulties.

Tuition fees and payment

How do I find out how much tuition fees are?

Visit the course pages of the course your son or daughter has applied for to find out about the tuition fees. Once you have found the course you need, select the 'Fees and funding' item from the menu on the left-hand side where the fee levels are displayed.

Alternatively you can contact the Finance Income and Receivables team on 020 8417 3333.

Is my son or daughter able to pay the tuition fee by instalments?  

If you do not, or cannot, take the tuition fee loan then students may pay fees via an instalment plan. International students are required to pay at least 50 per cent of tuition fees before or at enrolment.

Who do I contact if I wish to pay my son or daughter's fees?

If you wish to pay your child's tuition fees or accommodation fees please contact the Finance Income and Receivables team on 020 8417 3333 for details on how to make payment.

What happens if my son or daughter leaves the course or needs to take a break from their studies?

Your son or daughter will need to provide their faculty with written notice of their decision. Depending on when in the academic year that they do this, they may still be liable for all of their tuition fees or a percentage. Check the University's Money Matters (PDF) booklet for details:

However, if your son or daughter has exceptional reasons for taking a break in study and provide evidence of this to their faculty this will be taken into consideration.

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